05 March 2010

Bleach Trading Figure Series 6

The complete set of series 6

I bought these figures at the same time that I bought Kira Izuru from series 4. God knows how happy I am to finally have Ulquiorra in my collection. Besides Ichigo and Grimmjow, he is the character that I care/love the most. I am still sadden by the fact that he has turned to dust and gone with the wind. I start to be very vindictive towards Kubo Tite from that point onwards.

Hope is not lost yet though. The latest I heard they said that Kubo will brings him back to life. Ah, knowing that is bliss. I hope the rumors are true.

Anyway back to the figures, I did not manage to get my hands on Ichigo so I still do not have a complete set of Bleach set figures. All in due time though.

I love the details on his arrancar uniform. I can see the pecks!I can honestly say that he is the one that inspired my arranklux uniform. Kudos to the sculpture for putting lots of effort with him. Just look at his zanpaktou and pale skin. Perfect!

I am not sure whether or not the figure of Rukia should be leaning that much but looking at her feet and the base, it were perfect fit so I am kinda confuse with her. Not the best figure in my opinion. I think they slacked off when it comes to her. She barely looks like Rukia. Having said that, her tiny body and Sode no Shirayuki in shikai form still make me fangirling.

Ishida and his cape. hehehe... I like how they made it looks like his quincy uniform and his cape are ruffled by the wind. Again, I like the details on this one. There is just something about the white uniform I guess. I have never been a fan of Ishida Uryuu but I think he's a good comic relief at unexpected time. And he definitely deserves to be with Inoue. If only that slut realized his feelings for him.

But yeah, lets not deviate. So there you go. Since I bought these, I have bought four other bleach figures. My collection is about to get complete. I'm ecstatic!


Ulquiorra and Ishida are nicely detailed for such a small figure... but what happened to Rukia?! she is dong the Micheal Jackson lean lol hopefully you can get her to stand tall again with the help of some warm water ^^

What are they so tiny u cheap out Klux? :P

apparently they made rukia to lean like that. A friend of mine has the same figure and she's leaning forward too. I'll try put a coin under her feet or something.

also... tiny? they are the same size as my other bleach figure :|

Ulquiorra is definitely very well made. I love the details on him too.

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