08 July 2010

Bleach: Episode 278

I have absolutely no idea why Ukitake did not want Shunsui to use his bankai. WTF was that? This is a freaking war for fuck sake. You have to go all out and save the shitty drama for later. I’m sorry Ukitake. I like you but this is retarded. Just fucking why can’t Shunsui uses his bankai.

And it was too easy to figure out what Ukitake little trick was. The strap between his double zanpaktou is there for a reason. But it was a nice change to see two fights against one though.

Just as things were about to get a tad interested, there was a rip in the sky as a garganta opened up to reveal the most retarded arrancar, and Tousen’s toy boy, Wonderweiss. He brought along a pet, a creature that was made from ugly fat of death. If you don’t remember what the fuck it was, you might want to watch the episode where Aizen, Gin and Tousen were picked up (at the end of the Soul Society arc, on top of the Sogyouku Hill). This creature was there then.

Wonderweiss brought an interesting twist to this snoozefest of a fight. He fucking punched a hole on Ukitake in a blink of an eye (the censorship made sure there will be no apparent blood). It was hilarious to see Shunsui lost his cool just because of that and got attacked by Stark. Wonderweiss also freed Harribel from the ice tower and Barragan from the smoke screen with just a screech.

The creature was there to free Aizen, Tousen and Gin from the inferno set up by the old fuck. I like the little dialog they had when the fire was being put out. Gin is charming as always.

I lol’d when Kira said that they are finished when the old fuck is still standing. That was how much confidence these shinigamis have in you, old fuck. LOL that got to be the highlight of this episode for me.

Fuck, I completely forgot about the Vizards! The flashback got my blood boiled again and reminded me why I am not fond of Aizen >_>

Shinji looks younger than 100 years ago, right? Must be the hair cut. *shrugs*

To be continued.

p/s: the omake was awesome

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because of the Vizards?

no i meant like... the end as in "there is nothing left to say" haha

*chuckles* yeah I know. I was asking you why did you think that the episode was awesome. Hehe

ooh hahaha... well its more like... everything is going aizen's way, which gives me joy. even though i know better. the flashback and the vizards excites me. I dunno i think after the recent episodes of captains winning like nothing this was a great change of pace.

This episode for the most part, was of exceptional quality. I have nothing but praise for the job well done that was the Shunsui & Jushiro vs Starrk battle. Even the censorship did not detract from the impaling, and even added an extra dose of unknown danger as to how sever the chest wound was. Excellent job in giving Wonderweiss that feel of brainless creepiness (especially that screaming). Yama’s voice when he called out to his students made it seem like he needed to take a dump. Lol. All in all, very good.

The only thing which seemed troubling was everything following the moment Powertard’s pet blew away the fire prison.

In the manga, Kubo built the Vizard entrance as the greatest big damn heroes moment, possibly of the entire manga. In the manga, it seemed that all hope had faded and the war was about to be lost, and then, BAM, out of the blue, the Vizards appear to save the day. It was such an effective buildup in the manga, warranting only the most awesome, hot-blooded, fast-paced music.

In the anime, their appearance is much less sudden, and as a result, the situation seems much less desperate, and their intervention that much more unneeded. A 3-minute flashback of TBtP is even shown, after which, the mood and suspense is kinda killed when our attention returns back to the present. The flashback, IMO would have been much more effective shown next week, and the whole cliffhanger buildup would have been greater if the episode ended right as they appeared.

Aizen seemed unusually off-model this episode in each of his appearances, as if the anime team got half-lazy, and decided to draw some of his features more angular in some shots, and then more ovular other shots. Still acceptable, though.

Mighty fine episode. Worthwhile omake.

I was wondering why the impact of Vaizard appearance in this episode is so meh. I thought because the element of surprise was gone since I already read the manga. But you're right. Their entrance for this fight is too weak compared to that in the manga. I remember all the Bleachtard fapping when they show the two spread page of the Vaizard posing in the sky. The anime production has totally lost the pace.

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