19 February 2010

Bleach Trading Figures Series 4

The complete set of series 4

After work meeting on January 22, 2010 at the Roost, my boss and I head out to the Junk Sale that happened once a month along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru starting at 6pm until midnight. As you can tell from the name, this is where they sell whatever stuffs that they want to let go. Like the saying goes, one person's junk is other person's treasure. Trufax.

It just so happened that one of the uncle has Kira together with 3 other Bleach figures that I have been searching for from the other Benpresto series.

I got the four of them at half the price. Fucking w00t!!

I really love the expression. It is dead on. I also love the posture of the figures. He is kinda slouching a bit. It gave him a slightly gangsta look. I like it.

Have you notice what is wrong with this figure yet? If you said Wabisuke, you are spot on. I did not notice the zanpaktou (the lighting at Junk Sale kinda dim, only powered by the street lighting) and did not bother to check it out properly before buying it because I was uber excited. My boss basically just facepalmed when I squealed and giggled and jumped excitedly when I saw the figures. Now he knows how much of a nerd I really am >_>

It is only when I was assembling him that I noticed his zanpaktou is not of Wabisuke but Zangetsu. I guess the uncle messed up when he sold Ichigo and gave the Wabisuke to the buyer.

I might buy another Kira if I found one with Wabisuke since Wabisuke is the reason why I think Kira kinda rock.

Can you tell the other three figures that I got that night? :)

For my other figures, click here.


Kira is one of the best bleach characters because his zanpakuto kicks serious ass.

exactly so I kinda kicked my own ass for not realizing that he's not holding wabisuke >_<

the more kira hit you, the more heavy you become. LOL What other things they selling there? It's original right?

there are darth maul, the beatles figures (still in box), KISS and many others. They are original. Some are used some are new but the price are still quite reasonable and you can bargain, which is the best part imo.

But there are bootlegged figures as well, you can tell by the quality.

No clue who the one on the left is. The one in the middle looks like Ishida. The one on the right looks like Hinamori, but I can't figure out what that tentacle reaching across her face is supposed to be.

holy crap, you really can't figure out who? I guess you are not up to date with Bleach, huh?

If anything, I'm too up to date with Bleach. Here's proof: I've changed my answer on the far-right one to Rukia. That tentacle thing is the ribbon thing on her sword. I picked Hinamori because she showed up recently in the manga, whereas Rukia has been taking a nap for the past 100 or so chapters. I am not up to date with the anime, which I'm guessing has a lot more Rukia.

The one on the left looks like a huge mass of white. If I had to guess, I'd say Ulquiorra, but I have no confidence in that answer whatsoever.

have more confidence. You passed. You are a bleachtard, just like I am ^^

Not having wabisuke is kind of a shame.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that two of the three in the bg are Ulquiorr and Ishida. I'm not sure who's on the far though. I'd guess Rukia simply because you love her.

he was half price for a reason XD still awesome having a gangsta kira lol

@Yi, yep they are from series 6. I'm excited ^^

@rockleelotus, it is still a bargain since I got the other three at half price too XD

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