25 February 2010

Bleach: Chapter 393

eek?! what happened here? Who cut Toushiro in half? I thought in last chapter he was the one cutting everyone else?

Hahahaha looks like Aizen took care of him. He even spare him his life so that he can watch Aizen takes over the world. How thoughtful...

And just when I thought that we are finally going to see the end of it, guess who decides to show up. None other than the fucking old fart.

I don't get it. Why the fuck does he shows up now? He should have take charge of his troop since the beginning, before the rest of his captains (and Vaizards) fell one by one until he is basically the only remaining Captain who are unharmed.

Oops, I forgot that he's a moron.

I literally lol'd so hard at his words. I mean, come on! Use your fucking brain for once. I am sure you are pretty powerful old fuck, but I still believe that the captains and the Vaizards combined must have exceed your power. Did you see what happened to them? They are all bloody and cut up and is lying on the rubble down below. Hopefully they'll survive this but if they don't, I want to castrate you and have you eat your own stinking balls.

And do you really think Aizen did not calculate all these? He must have been pretty confidence with his own power and ability to try and take over both worlds. In other words, he must have known he is way more powerful than you.

Even after he unleashed his full power and act like a confident cockhead with Aizen's zanpaktou stabbed through his stomach, I still don't believe that he has any chance of defeating Aizen. Waiting for this particular chance? Pfft don't make me laugh. So you sacrifice your shinigamis so you can have this opening? That's bullshit! You don't do fucked up things like that unless you are 100% sure you can defeat the enemy. Only then it would be worth it. Otherwise you are just a phailure of a commander. *shakes my fists*

See? what the fuck did I tell you? Aizen is ALWAYS prepared. But I didn't expect to see Wonderweiss coming to the rescue though. That was a good one. And guess what? The old fuck's Ryuujin Jakka disappeared. LOL so much for a plan eh?

I really really hope we would see the end of the old fuck in the next chapter. It's about time he dies, don't you agree?

But Ichigo would probably interfere and save his ass. If I was the old fuck, I would have commit the seppuku out of shame for being such a useless fuck. Also, Wonderweiss must have taken care of Rose and Love. They are probably joined the rest of the shinigami/vaizards in the rubble *shakes my head*

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Even if Yama wanted to, he probably can't commit seppuku since that's not a fatal blow to a shinigami... unless he sets himself on fire. You'd love to see that wouldn't you?

but he won't get affected by Ryuujin Jakka, supposedly the hottest flame ever. So how do you supposed he sets himself on fire? Not gonna happened.

And Aizen basically has help him with the seppuku. He just need to finish the job ;)

I found this chapter more funny than anything. Some plan that turned out to be.
I'm surprised Aizen's plan actually incorporates someone else though.
Well, at least kubo answered our question as to where Yama-jii went, albeit stupidly. But we're reading Bleach for that stupidity anyhow.

I always thought that Wonderweiss is not just a retarded arrancar. Aizen is perfection. He would not create something that is imperfect.

since the old guy was preparing his little thing, right from the start it was a kamikaze plan... and a bad one at that lol he really is useless XD

wonder whats going to happen next, they are screwed!

I thought this was yet another disappointing chapter. I kind of wished Kubo would stop writing characters whom I was looking very forward to seeing in action off with stupid battles...
It feels a bit like he's rushing to get to Ichigo vs. Aizen so he's just quickly killing off everyone else.

@rockleelotus, it is either a) Ichigo is going plotkai, b) Urahara comes in c) Byakuya, Mayuri and Kenpachi are back

@Yi, don't tell me you expected the old fuck to actually have a chance against Aizen? O_o

I think it's hilarious the little autistic child became a fire extinguisher as a release...
Wasn't I a much better cap'n commander than that old fart? (If you say no, I guess that's a hint as to how far I've sunk in your eyes)

problem is I don't even know who you are =|

but anyone is a better captain commander than the old fuck. Except for the Bwahaha-guy.

You may remember a certain Chester Uayuoi...I knew him.

oh okay. now your comment will make sense XD

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