22 February 2010

Ladies vs Butler: Episode 6

The school will have a ball (the fancy ball, not the one attached to analog stick). I can pretty much tell that Daichi's secret will be revealed to us. Looks like s/he is attracted to boobs of all things. Please don't make s/he gay for Selnia.

For the balls, the maid/butler students have to switch role. I get why the females have to dress up as males but why the fuck are the males have to dress up as girls? Unless the principal is evil and just want the rest of us to make fun of them.

If that ain’t enough, these maids were forced to cook. It was a given that Daichi will excel in everything but s/he was partnered with the clumsy maid-whore and Hino. I really wanna bitch-slap the maid-whore so hard she would has her head backwards.

shut up, bitch!

This episode is more about Daichi trying to cope with Hino since s/he was partnered with Hino in everything. I’m glad because I am just going to erase whatever the Drills have to say in the show and focus on Daichi who obviously has hots for Hino, just like the rest of them girls in this show.

The ball went as planned. Daichi showed up as a maid and thanks to Saikyo s/he was hawt. At the end of the day, when Hino walked in on s/he naked (Daichi has towel covering her lower part), he did not even realized that he is seeing a naked girl. I laughed hard and felt sorry for Daichi. S/he is the ultimate pettan XD

And that is the end of episode 6


Poor daichi I know how that must feel.

Are you a DFC too?

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