25 February 2010

Bleach: Episode 259

I am very please when I see Isane and Nanao interacting. These "lesser" characters definitely need the exposure. I want to see more of them. It's kinda important for RPer like me I guess. It gives me the depth of their characters. For example, I have kinda forget what these gals sound like and I am actually notice for the first time that Isane sounds very girly despite her appearance (she's the most manly looking female in Bleach imo).

Also, we often see the captains being rather hostile with one another (except for Shunsui/Ukitake/Unohana) so it is refreshing to see the fukutaichos get along fine. Then again, they always are, aren't they? It's the captains that are often cold and unfriendly.

Having said all that, looks like this episode is pretty easy going. They are trying to figure out who is the culprit that has been stealing the supplies at the 4th Division. I guess the 4th Division shinigamis are really useless if they need help from other division shinigami (in this case Nanao and Ikkaku) to capture the chickens theft.

OMG we even get to see Akon! and I really do enjoy the rest of the episode. We learned that

  • Nanao is afraid of ghost
  • Nanao is unintentionally funneh
  • Hanatarou is a total whack
  • Soul Society has a waterway. This info could be useful for the Gotei 13
  • Ikkaku has the best landing EVER!!
  • Zanpaktou based on octopus is fucking GAY
  • Hanatarou is 7th Seat officer. WTF?!
  • Holy fuck, Hanatarou's zanpaktou is fucking awesome!

The omake is awesome too. I am always fond of Ichigo in his school uniform :)

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