01 March 2010

One Outs

If you think that One Outs is about a baseball game, well you are partially right. Kinda. About 0.5% right. The truth of the matter is, One Outs is about Tokuchi Toua owning everyone after he royally kicked their asses. How? With mind games and absolute brilliance when it comes to strategy.

One Outs is the adaptation of the manga with the same title that was published starting in June 1998 and completed in early 2009. It only has 20 chapters. Kudos to the mangaka, Shinobu Kaitani for coming up with this great story I guess.

Tokuchi Toua is a great pitcher. He joined the Lycaon baseball team after he got an offer from Kojima. He then proceeds by making a deal with the owner of the team which consequently makes the owner losing money. The owner who loves making money than anything else, rather have the team loses games than paying Tokuchi the money he earned. This is where the story gets interesting. You see, most of the teams that the Lycaons are up against have better players and overall are better teams than Lycaons. It is up to Tokuchi to come up with strategies to ensure that his team wins. He always delivers the good and the he does it with a smirk on his face, overbearing at times but often than not just pumps you with adrenalin.

For some reason the art reminds me a lot of Akagi. Maybe it has something to do with Tokuchi's eyes? I dunno. Overall it is nothing to boast about. It could be the only downfall of this show, if I am to be picky about something. But at the end of the day, it does the job so it is fine, I guess.

I like the OP of this show and have it on my computer. It is definitely one of the most memorable OP I have heard. The ED ain't that bad either although it does not have as much impact as the OP. The BGM does it job, adding a sense of suspense throughout the show. It is commendable I think because it fit nicely with the theme of the show. I said this show reminded me of Akagi right? Well the seiyuu for Tokuchi is actually the same guy that did Akagi. The other seiyuus aren't really that famous as far as I know but they did their job well, adding personalities to the member of the teams and their opponents.

Now lets meet the characters.

Tokuchi Toua
That's his motto

This is the man that single handedly make this such an awesome show. Without him this show would have been an utter fail. Nothing fazes him. He is always calculating and will heartlessly eliminates all obstacles. He might not literally kick your ass, but kick it all the same. That is how fucking badass Tokuchi is. I definitely want his babies ^__^

The other characters are not really significant. They are either the enemies that he needs to eliminate or tools that he would used to eliminate the said enemies.

One Outs is about mindgames more than the game baseball itself. The show never gets boring as we seat on the edge at every episodes wondering what is going to happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and only completed it recently because hell, in all honesty I don't want it to end. Definitely a must watch for those who like these kinds of anime, even if you are not into sports.

Thank you B2E fansub for picking this one up.

art 8/10
story 9/10
sound 8/10
characters 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


Go Red Sox.

Great show, but that OP...Tokushi Toua is the boniest guy I've ever seen.

I don't follow baseball. The only baseball games I watched are from Oofuri and One Outs. but I know of Red Sox =)

@Baka_Raptor, yeah it doesn't have the best animation/character designs imo but the story is good, which matters the most I think.

Before I even entered this post I already knew you would have a thing for Tokuchi.

One outs was a great watch... :)
Something refreshing amidst that season which was filled with "moe"s.

lol am I that obvious? :P

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