20 October 2011

Bleach: Chapter 469

I had a very interesting conversation with Michael Nolan today about Bleach and he said something that I feel oh so true and the reason why I hopelessly in love with Bleach despite of it's flaws. Allow me to quote him:

Kubo says that he invents characters first and then lets the story go where the characters take it. Maybe he's effectively simulating real life by creating very human characters and letting them interact and so just like life, it takes on meaning that he doesn't expect. All his characters are very complex and human, but they are passionate. They lack the worst diseases that hold down the human soul. So it's like real life if everyone lived every day with the passion of a child.

Kind of beautiful, doesn't it? But enough of that and let's get on with the latest chapter. We get a few color spreads this week. w00t woot!! *does a jig*

How can I not fap to this?!

Yep, it seems like Tsukishima manages to cut Byakuya but he's not fighting it fair and I refused to believe that Byakuya is done for. Part of it because Kubo never kills the bad guy. Even Momo lives after got stabbed twice by Aizen. The series would have been a lot better if she dies though. On the other hand it sort of logical that at least Tsukishima and Ginjou will give the Shinigami a run for their money. Even though I want this arc to be done and over with as soon as possible, I still want to story to be credible.

Now that Byakuya has been cut, will Tsukishima manage to alter his past too? So far no one (or even thing) can't escaped their fate when Tsukishima's sword has cut them. The only different is, usually it won't leave a wound and it will just affected them mentally. Things are different with Byakuya since he's bleeding. Ah, but I can only hope. That would be too easy for Byakuya, wouldn't it?

Since Tsukishima has been spending time learning about Byakuya and Senbozakura's ability, he found their weakness. Apparently there is an area where the blade never cross in order to protect itself from it's own attack. He further explains this to Byakuya which I found quite funny considering he's talking to the owner of Senbonzakura but treated him like he's absolutely clueless about it.

As expected, Tsukishima is pretty confident that Byakuya has been affected by his fullbring ability. Byakuya doesn't seem amused at all as Tsukishima once again on the offense.

And finally Kubo brings us the fight between Rukia and Rurika, if you can call it a fight that is. Rukia is just too gullible when it comes to the plushies and thus she is easily cornered by Riruka. But don't underestimate the adopted sister of Kuchiki Byakuya though. She knows when to get serious.

Rukia manages to piss Rurika off so she send her one of the badges and transform Rukia into a cute puppy. I guess she can't helped it. Her fullbring is the most retarded after all. Needless to say, I'm pissed as hell. It is just a big WHAT THE FUCK moment for me.

However, I couldn't helped but chuckled when Rukia said something about protecting the humans as it is part of their jobs as a shinigami. I guess Kenpachi doesn't give a damn about his job since he killed that old geezer without a second thought. This is also explains why Renji wanted to save Jackie. Ah damn, that is like me saying he is not a gentleman -__-

This was a good chapter until Rurika turned Rukia into a puppy. I don't appreciate the comedy side of it. None at all.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

p/s: The title of this chapter doesn't make sense at all - Rag Lag Rumble. WTF is that?


If Rukia was really taking the fight seriously, she should have Riruka beat in like a second, but leave it to Kubo to make the battles longer by any means necessary...

*sighs* Kubo loves people hating on him <_>

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