03 December 2010

Bleach: Chapter 429

Ginjou gave Ichigo something which made him acted all weird and shit. Even Yuzu was surprised by his sudden attitude. It doesn't take a genius to figure out something has shaken him up. I guess Ichigo can't help but feeling vulnerable what's with him powerless and all but I still find that to be lame as fuck.

Then Inoue showed up bringing his discarded bread from the shop she worked for. Ichigo invited him into his room and she bluntly asked him is something is wrong. Of course Ichigo denied everything. Well, kudos to Inoue for trying. It is kinda weird to see her NOT fawning over Ichigo much these days. Has she accepted the fact that Ichigo can never be hers? If that's the case, then I am relieve and perhaps I'll be able to like her character a bit more.

Inoue is not the only one who came for visit. Ishida did the same thing but upon noticing Inoue's reiatsu inside the house, he pretty much turned back and left. He too wanted to ask Ichigo if something had happened recently that made him changed.

On his way back, he came upon another new character that leisurely walking on top of the roofs reading books. I feel like this is a trap and Ishida as expected fall for it. I'm sure these strange new characters are gathering the kids for their master plan. Well, guess what, they got him and ripped his right hand away. Those bastards...

By the way, that thing that Ginjou gave Ichigo is some sorts of a member card for their twisted group. This makes me wonder if the one after Ishida is actually from a different group. Hmm...

Speculations... speculations...

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If Kubo makes that card a morphing gimmick, I shall be rather disappoint...well, more disappointed that despite his upped level in badass, Uryuu is still fail against supernatural enemies. =[

I pity Uryuu... having his arm severed like that. And I miss the folks from soul society!!! When will they show up, Kubo?

Now that I think about it, that card could be some sort of a device that can somehow magically returned him his power. Like the shinigami batch, only a tad advance.

After all those trainings, Uryuu still a weaksauce but then again he was caught off guard. Well that is not an excuse. He should know what to expect. He was being overconfident, as always. No worries though, Dr. Ryuken will have no problem making him a new artificial hand >>

I can't wait to see the Soul Society people back in action too. Scratch that. I can't wait to see Rukia, is all

Oooh, things are getting interesting! Anyways, happy to see Inoue as always.

Since the blood was black, it kinda seems like Ishida's upper head was torn open too. So yes, it is indeed getting pretty interesting

Noo, Ishida will be healed, right?
Wait, with him losing almost half of his body.. is he still alive or should I consider him dead?
He would've been safe if only he had entered Ichigo's house.

I reckon either Mayuri or Unohana will make an entrance soon. That or Ichigo will bring him to Urahara. Considered his problem solved.

But yeah I'm curious. Did the attacker knows that he's a quincy? Without his arm, he can no longer send an arrow flying. This could be the end of his quincy days...

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