01 December 2010

Star Driver Episode 9: Mizuno's First Love

From killing each other, now they are taking bath together. Male bonding time for Sugata and Takuto. Needless to say I approved of this development.

Takuto is eying Sugata with lust

I don't blame Wako for worrying about Sugata's King Pillar. He might not be so lucky next time if he used that power again. He might really ended up sleeping for eternity. But then again, he's the second hero in this show. He needs to vanish at some point >>

This week's episode focused more on Mizuno, a happy go lucky pink haired girl who jumped from her room and landed on top of a bus to go to school. I gotta admit that that was pretty cool. She also has no qualm what so ever to be in the boy's toilet in order to save a little birdy. Coincidentally Takuto was taking a leak when she busted in so obviously he won't allow her to risk herself and volunteered.

Or if you're from India

And that was how she found her first love. It was very cliche, I know. But hear me out. She can fucking understand animal language. That is so dope. Who the hell said those kind of things anymore anyway? Gah, I'm too old to keep up with what's hip and what's not. Err... where was I? Oh yeah, so after Takuto saved the birdy, she leaped from the window into Takuto's arms.

The entire school called her a freak. I say that she was misunderstood.

If anyone's a freak, it was her sister who is taking Head's place as the leader for the Glittering Crux while Head went on vacation, no doubt searching for the Fish girl. Awww... he missed her. Anyway back to the Glittering Crux, apparently their project to regenerate cybodies are well under way and it will be completed in few weeks time. They need to restore a certain cybody named Ayingott so that they are level up to third phase. They also need to find the West Maiden. Only then they have a hope of defeating Tauburn.

And apparently the Glittering Crux members have no fucking idea about the Vanishing Age members. Kiraboshi is for the lower rank and the seats are occupied by girls with scanty clothes. Vanishing Age on the other hand is full of supposedly bishounens. Heh, discrimination much? They don't believe that they can't beat Tauburn with second phase so they came out to challenge Tauburn with pretense to know of it's strength. They obviously power hungry and wants to take Head's place.

As they were preparing to for Zero time, Takuto and Sugata had a kendou match. Have I mentioned before that I love seeing men in shikakusho? Well, here I am repeating the same shit because they both look fucking hot in it.


Since Sugata has apprivoised, he too now can joined Takuto and Wako in Zero Time. It really makes me happy because I like the triangle love thingy. Wako already shared too many moments with Takuto alone during Zero Time. For example, I love how Sugata became all hot and bothered because Takuto was losing. If Wako didn't stop him, he would have apprivoised for Takuto's sake.

Yes, I am filling my fantasy. You can shut the fuck up ^__^

They finally dropped the bomb at the end of the episode. Mizuno is actually the West Maiden. So Mirano's already considered as a traitor then and is really hoping for Takuto to protect Mizuno. Well, at least that's how I see this plot will turn out.


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