10 May 2010

Copeland Farewell Tour Concert

So I went to Kuala Lumpur again this weekend to watch Copeland Farewell Tour that was held at Bentley yesterday. We traveled up north on Saturday evening with my shouta and few other friends and reached Kuala Lumpur around 11pm. We headed straight to Murni for dinner. The food was lousy and for some unknown reason I was very down that day and wasn't in the mood for leisure.

Things were fine once I got some sleep though. So yesterday we decided to head down to Damansara around noon. We grabbed some meet balls and chicken chop before we shopped till we drop. I am officially broke now. Damn.

We went to Bentley around 5pm because we wanted to catch I/Am/Rain playing. They are one of the opening bands for the concert yesterday. They did not disappoint. I have never heard of them before but they convinced me with their performance and now I am a fan. Did you know that they are also professed fans of progressive psychedelia technicians, Akta Angkasa? Heh awesome.

Then came Witherspoon and The Times. Witherspoon is made of fucking shit. I can't take this damn band seriously because of the vocalist. His appearance and voice fucking annoy me and they did 5 songs! 5 freaking bad songs! Urgh. I don't even know what their genre is. They ranged from Westlife to the Jonas. Fucking shit.

The Times entertained us with their new songs. They didn't waste any freaking time like the Witherspoon did (the crowd were not responsive at all. You would thought that they can take a hint, no?).

Soon after, the Copeland finally took the center stage. ZOMG, one look at Stephen, I immediately want to adopt him. He's the most cheeky guy I have ever laid my eyes on. Also I have never in my life met a person, male, female or shemale, that have the most charming smile EVER. Oh gosh *blushes*

I'm not saying that Aaron, Bryan and Jon (I do not know who the bassist is though) weren't charming but they don't have the smile that Stephen has. Throughout the concert, I find myself drawn to Stephen and couldn't take my eyes off him. Aaron only captured my attention when he did the solo while the others headed backstage.

I was so lost in their performance that I lost count on how many song they played for us. Chin-up, the Suitcase song and California were some of my favorite performances yesterday. Goosebumps all over.

They were some dudes standing behind me who acted like dicks though. I so wanna bitchslap those motherfuckas. I think it was the first time they went to a concert hence why they were acting like morons. Why do people like this exist to make my life miserable? Thankfully I managed to tune out their fucking voices and focused on Stephen playing his guitar. I wish I was that guitar @_@

The concert ended before 9pm. We chilled with our friends while waiting for the line to disperse so we can get our autograph from the band. It was our friends who were organizing the concert so we have a close access with the band. I am not a fan of taking pictures so I didn't take any pictures of myself with them. Actually that was a lie. The truth is, I left my camera in my car and felt like a fucking dickhead for forgetting it. Urgh, bad memories >_>

The man behind Copeland's success!

So yeah, basically I had a good time. The dinner after that was once again motherfucking lousy. What's with KL and their food? I missed JOHO's food. They are the best after all.

I am heading back home this afternoon after lunch and will travel again to Malacca tomorrow at dawn because of work. I is le tired -__-

Here is The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song). It was awesome to see Aaron at the piano.


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