08 May 2010

Angel Beats! episode 6

With the Angel out of the way, the brigade members just do whatever the hell they want in class. Eating snacks, play mahjong, doing push-up, going to the toilet every damn minute, balancing all sorts of things... normal stuff like that XD

how manly ^^

Naoi (the new student council president) obviously will not let this to continue. He's not an NPC but a regular human just like them. He has wage a war against the brigade using NPC as hostage and shield.

So Yurippe was right about this. Since the brigade members were not allowed to harm the NPC, they are falling one after the other.

Naoi has put Tachibana and Otonashi in a secluded cell while the war take place. Now their only hope to stop the massacre is to get Tachibana out of the cell and help them out. As they figure out how to escape, we learned why Tachibana seems so lonely and sad. Curse Otonashi again for making me sympathizes for her!

So yeah, this series throws another curve ball at me. #1: the animation has definitely cranked up a notch. #2: FUCKING BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!

It's fucking cruel, what happened to these guys. I mean all of the brigade members were cover in blood. Some of them even died! Even Yurippe was terribly injured.

Damn Naoi for acting like a fucking God (read: Aizen) and fucking hypnotized everyone. He almost made Yuri disappeared. Thankfully Otonashi weren't some dumb moron and stopped that from happening.

I was hoping for a rape scene ^^"

Like all the great villains, even Naoi has a painful/terrible past that he tried to compensate by being an asshole. And then we have a gay moment (second gay moment in fact. The first when Otonashi ran to Hinata when he saw him injured).

With that I guess it's the end of Naoi's day to be an evil high school student. So it was Otonashi who saves the day, not Tachibana like I originally though. Good twist.

This was an intense episode. It kept me on the edge from start to finish. Man, I am enjoying this more than I enjoyed Arakawa (putting the two sports anime aside).


And no one thought to shoot Otonashi. My bullsh*t detector also went haywire when the guy did his sharingan hypnotism thing. But I guess, if they can make guns out of clay, right...
Spitefulness aside, this was a pretty good episode. Sure had its eyecatching moments. Just watched it, so still gathering thoughts, but I feel positively.

If Naoi were anything like Aizen Otonashi would've been dust before he got to glomp him.

lol yeah when Otonashi ran towards Naoi I though why wasn't his brain splattered on the floor already. But then I remember that Naoi's hypnotism might be slightly off because of the gay hug.

This *was* a good episode. I like Kanade a lot more now that she has some personality. I wonder why we didn't get a disappearing scene at the end. I hope Naoi really does disappear. If he just turns out to be a nice guy after getting hugged this ending sucked.

I liked this episode because I think it's the first time we see some serious evil tearing up the place. The bloody scene made it much more awesome than the previous episodes as well.
It'd be interesting to see what Yuri really wants the club to be.

yeah it was intense. I think I cum a bit when I saw all the blood ^^

I'm sorry i'm a major fan of Naoi so fucking great how he is obviously gay for Otonashi ^^it's cute.

No worries, Naoi kinda grew on me on later episodes too ^^

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