07 May 2010

Angel Beats! episode 5

The brigade's mission this time around is to make the tenshi (Angel) scores the lowest mark in the exam. They'll submit a fake answer paper with her name on it. Problem is, they don't know her name. LOL! Otonashi gets to find out her name though: Tachibana Kanade.

For first period, it is up to Hinata to create a diversion. I practically roll off my chair when they did a replay of him making a hole on the fucking ceiling!

Next up for creating a diversion is Takamatsu. What he did is totally unexpected. Damn LMAO! I freaking love this show!

However funny though it did not work so he get to be an astronaut just like Hinata too. Yes, in slow motion and he doesn't wear his shirt back on for the rest of the episode ^^

After that it is Oyama's turn. He needs to confess to Angel. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong because Oyama is such a drama king to begin with. He still does it though and guess what? Tachibana accepted his confession! LOL

Since that plan phailed, I thought surely Oyama will be sent flying again but I was proven wrong when we get another slow-motion replay of Hinata punching the ceiling with his head with his hand still doing the facepalming! LMAO

Needless to say, the operation was a success. Tachibana was fired from being the Student Council President and obviously Otonashi feels bad for her. Yurippe isn't going to start to have mercy for her though because she quickly launched Operation Tornado to test whether Tachibana is still in power as an Angel.

Yui and the GirlDemo act as diversion. Yui not such a bad entertainer after all. I'm impressed.

Angel shows up but instead of stopping the band, she joins the crowd. So obviously she was just doing her duty as a Student Council President back then. She's just human who has developed the Guard Skill to counter the weapons by the Brigade.

Damn Otonashi for making me sympathize for Tachibana. And then the Brigade was taken over to the detention room by the current Student Council President. Holy fuck, plot twist!

This is a good episode. The first half was all laugh and shit and before you're ready, they throw you a curve ball and be all serious like someone cranked a C4 up their ass. I approved.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Takeyama still wants to be called Christ. Heh, I like the fact that they are being consistent with the joke.

Angel Beats! is definitely becoming one of the most enjoyable anime I've seen.


Angel Beats gets better every episode (even though they got rid of Iwasawa, the best character of the year).

The best part about the rocket replays was the music. It was like a choir singing or something. Laughed my ass off.

To think that I want to skip this series when I first saw it on chartfag... What was I thinking...

The music is definitely better than K-ON!! which was supposed to be an anime about music. That's how much K-ON!! phailed.

This episode was total love, goodness!
And yes! The 'Brave Story' playing when the boys were flying thanks to Yurippe was beyond awesomeness! XD

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