15 April 2010

Bleach: Chapter 400

Ah, I should have known that they will bring in Rangiku. That made me teary eyed for some reason. I was surprised with the emotion that came forth after I read the first couple of pages of this new chapter.

And I cried when I saw this spread. For real.

To all of the nay sayer, FUCK YOU! Didn't I say that Gin will not be defeated so easily? Everyone seems to forget how cunning and malicious/mischievous Gin is and quickly resorted in bashing him and his bankai. MAKES ME WANTED TO JUGULATE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU ASSHOLES.

Gin did not waste time to continue his attack on Ichigo. His bankai disappeared and was unnoticeable by Ichigo. Shinsho was back to its normal size as he attacked Ichigo, chatting casually to him as if they weren't in a fight.

Then BAM!!

I squirt ^_________^

Gin's bankai is not about his length but at the speed that it can constricts and lengthens.

But Ichigo is making a habit of killing my fantasies as of late. I have to wipe my tears, and change my mode to profanities.

But lets not go there because it would be fucking ugly and I don't think that I'll be less furious when I re-read this post.

My heart really hurts by all this shit that Kubo is trolling. I have faced the same shit when he killed off Ulquiorra. I don't think I can bear it for the second time. Yet again by Ichigo's hand. Kubo is making me so fucking hate him atm, I want to castrate, barbecue and fed him his own dick, that is if he still lives from the loss of his fucking blood.

I know people have been speculating that Ichigo's dad is a former captain. I dunno why I refused to believe them until I saw this:

I guess that explained Ichigo's absurd power-up >_>

and it seems like Aizen is going to transform into a perfect being in the next chapter. Way to go Kubo. Just keep making him more invincible than he already is. Fucking troll.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I'll admit it, Gin's bankai is actually pretty useful in combat given the quick extension/retraction. It'd be cool if Gin can repeatedly do this quickly and use his sword as a machinegun.

I'll pretend I never read that part about what you are going to do to Kubo.

we all had to know Gin's bankai wouldnt be that shitty.

also... the ONLY thing that would be wrong with Aizen being the perfect being is that if he loses (which he prolly will) it will be the most unrealistic thing in the history of manga/anime. seriously. if aizen loses i will kill kubo.

In theory, his bankai should be able to create a massive and constant sonic boom. I say that is pretty impressive, if only Kubo realized this.

And yes Oballer, join my league of army who wants Kubo dead!

I'm actually a bit surprised by how well Ichigo's dad is doing. He actually seems to have legitimately beat Aizen's first phase when no one else could even come close. Maybe he should've showed up earlier before everyone else is half dead.
Gin's thing is pretty cool. I just hope if he does have a hollowfication or another transformation, he doesn't end up a giant fly.

and it seems like Aizen is going to transform into a perfect being in the next chapter. Way to go Kubo. Just keep making him more invincible than he already is. Fucking troll."
Comepletely agree. We don't need it.

As for Gin... a fast zanpakutou definitely beats one that is just long but you know I doubt ichigo will lose, so just pray Gin doesn't die.

AND if Aizen transforms now, is this the final battle? Is this the final arc? If he transforms now, how can he lose? And if he loses and runs or somehow manages to open that gate into the King's domain and escapes there, then how will he get more powerful so that a future battle won't be another farce? I don't get it.

I'm sure Kubo will think of something. He's the master at trolling after all.

I'm just pissed because Ichigo has no problem deflecting his bankai WITHOUT even his mask on?! C'mon. I don't believe that even for a second. Fucking Kubo is forgetting another fact, it seems >_>

Was I one of the ones who doubted Gin's Bankai? I don't want to get jugulated ^^;
For a king troller, Kubo sure is easy to read. I'm thinking everyone's pretty much got the story in the bag one way or another, without even knowing it.
I was thinking, what if you don't find anything to castrate? It would explain a lot...

Sadly, what you said is true Ningyo. Everyone has pretty much the basic idea where this is going.

If he doesn't have a dick, I'll just fucking kill him with other method then. I'm sure I can think of something equally painful for him.

And I don't forgive those who speak ill about Gin ;)

I for one do not think Gin will die so easily. His bankai is a little lame to me because there is such a lack of creativity to it that it seriously depresses me. As for Ichigo taking down Gin, it's just going to have to be one of the sad realities we're all going to have to deal with when it happens...unless he survives into the next boss arc? ^0^

I don't want him dead at all -__-

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