17 April 2010

Heroman: Episode 3

After three episodes, I'm beginning to dig the OP of Heroman.

Like I said in episode 2, why aren't the US military here yet? Aren't they always on top of things when it comes to this kind of attacks? Or did they sent all their military units to the Middle East or meddle in some other country's business? Hmm yep, I think that's why.

And I think its rather ironic that they are getting invade and can't do nothing about it. It is time they are tasting their own medicine, and see how they like the bitter taste of it.

Anyway, the giant roaches has sent a bigger ship to invade the soil of the USA and make a home out of their power plant. This time they aren't as friendly as they were in the last episode. Joey and Psy, who btw, got a pretty cool bike that kinda works like a skateboard somehow, went to his house to look after his grandma, who btw, didn't realize there was a war going on. I dunno why Psy wanted to follow Joey though. He was totally useless.

Yet Psy still looks kinda cool though

Oh! They finally get the government involved! About time...


oh wait. I forgot. They won't be of any use anyway. Bullets won't have any effect on these giant roaches. The only one who can save them are Heroman and Joey, of course. Fucking cliche. And yep, they are still doing the transformation sequence. I counted. It took 30 seconds! The Skrugg could have toasted them! Tsk, annoyed the fucking hell out of me.

But wait, this time Heroman got an upgrade! Reminds me of Super Sayan Goku.

And Will, that moronic brother of Lina is planning to get on the flying saucer. Ah, you gotta love stupid people. They just don't learn.


ya tell me about it. And you got a point 'bout the transformation sequences. It's like some magical girl show with bits and bytes involved.

I still wanted Heroman to throw a bolt of lightning... any projectile will do. O_o

Heroman is like one of those old kid's robot shows. That's why they have to show the transformation sequence every time.

I loled at Heroman's super-saiyan-esque power up.

TJ has a point. Why are we watching kid's robot shows?

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