19 April 2010

First Impression: Sex Pistols

Yay! Another yaoi OVA! *dance* The world could use some more of it. Or at least balancing the amount of quantity for yaoi and yuri anime.

The story: Sex Pistols is about a bunch of guys who found out that they do not evolve from monkey, and about finding their mate. Yeah... not the strongest plot but that's how people have been treating yaoi. It makes me rolls my eyes. How very unfair, if compared to yuri.

Madarame cannot stand males and his seiyuu is the great Tomokazu Sugita. So, however hard I tried, I can only see him as a comedic character. This is not the first time he's in yaoi though. He has done Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku and Switch, which was not really a yaoi but many people has the misconception that it is so because the lack of female characters.

And I found Noririn's voice to be so fucking familiar too. I did a check up and apparently his seiyuu is the same person that did Yoshii Akihisa, Shimono Hiro. He is getting recognized in my head so that's a good sign.

yeah >_>

Madarame is training Noririn so everyone else can stop their urge to fuck him. I am not sure what kind of animal he is. But Madarame is half snake and half dragon I think and Kunimasa is a white leopard. Pretty sexy if you asked me.

Fujiwara has the biggest crush on Madarame but since Madarame has problem with men, and since Madarame saw that he is a monkey descendant, his crush remains as unrequited love. That does not stopped him from having sex with someone else though. He kinda looks like Madarame but with different tattoo. So I'm confused.

LMAO this is good.

Why? because I dunno what to expect in the next episode.

Also I love the comedy.

art & animations 6/10
story 8/10
characters 8/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


that's the whole point la wey! XD

Interesting how you feel that there is more yuri than yaoi. I always thought yaoi has a larger fanbase and more material.

Anyways, the screencap reminded me a bit of Loveless, which I enjoyed. I might pick this up just because I have been watching/ reading way too many yuri. This should balance it out.

the title reminds me of the punk band i used to love to lol.

i am more into yuri but sometimes i do venture into yaoi titles, and i'd be sure to check on this one as the summary kinda had me intrigued :3

What? This isn't about the famous musical group from the 70's.

You tricked me!

Nope. Yuri has a more proper TV series. All yaoi ever get was some crappy OVA. Even if they have a TV series, it was made of shit (referring to Junjou).

I am surprie you are into yaoi as well, rayneholde. You are the man.

@Bluedrakon, I didn't mean to *grins evilly*

Exactly!!! Yay!!!! More Yaoi!!!!

Hey Girly!!!!

It's been awhile since I've skipped ova here and read a post or two, or left a comment or not.

I was a bit surprise to see more than "one" show this time around. The yaoigyrl in me is happy. =)

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