03 March 2010

Light Writings: Crush

I am old. By old I mean in average I am 4 to 5 years older than most of you. Some people like the term mature. I don't care either way. You are what you are, no more no less.

But this post is not about my age (although it would be my birthday in few days time. To those who want to send me present, email me =D). This post is about a recent crush that I have. Considering my age, I should not be crushing on someone right now, especially when I have a boyfriend? LOL but I break the rules anyway.

It has been a while since I last post anything personal up on this blog. I try not to but since this blog is initially a place for me to let out my stress, I thought I should just go back to the roots and see how it goes.

I tend to like people a lot but I don't crush on people. There is a different in my opinion. Like is very generic while crush... well, you go fangasm about it in your waking hour. It's like you take the term 'like' and multiple it by a trillion. Since this can be considered my first crush, I think it sucks.

Well, not really. I lied a bit there.

First lemme tell you that I always fall for two type of guys. First, a guy with sense of humor and second, nerdy guy that gets what I am saying. The later is so much harder to find though. Even my boyfriend doesn't get what I am saying 70% of the time. But I forgive him because he does not watch anime or read manga. Obviously his brain development stopped after he graduated.

This crush of mine however is the embodiment of Gintama or Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu if you will. He has a great sense of humor. The funniest guy I have ever met. Obviously it does not take much for me to fall for him. But of course I would not fall for every guy that successfully makes me laugh. That's retarded. He just has that special something. He might looks dumb but there is a brain working 24/7 inside his skull. He is not all jokes and humor. When he gets serious, HE GETS SERIOUS. I have seen that side of him and it just makes me fangasm more. I think I squirted squealed a little too. You know who does he reminds me of? He reminds me of Gintoki! *faps*

Now do you understand me a little bit? How can I resist someone like Gintoki right? His force is too much. I can only succumb to the inevitable.

So which part of having a crush is sucks? The fact that I can't do anything about it. Few of my friends said I should just go for it. But two things stopped me.

  • I already have a boyfriend. Technically (hehe :P)
  • I am a lady's man. Most of the guys see me as their buddy. Its either because I act like one or I can relate to them. So I kinda think that I am in his buddy circle now -__-
There is also the age factor but meh, I rape the juveniles. Age does not mean shit when it comes to feelings.

Speaking of feelings, can you be in love with two different person at the same time?

p/s: to my internet husbands, I heart you XD


I dont think you can love 2 ppl at the same times but having feelings for 2 is normal, feelings are easily confused afterall.
Do you find your situation suck and wish you had met the other guy sooner ? :P I think I'd be like that if I was you :P

Well, I don't think meeting him sooner would make much of a different. I still won't be honest about my feelings for him.

I think it sucks because I realized that -__-

As your husband, it's good to know that you also have a crush on me.

It's a good thing I already know about all of these other men, and don't mind, otherwise I would do absolutely nothing about it.

*grins mischievously at Glo*

You gonna get some X3

if your crush doesnt crush you back that would be bad, show him your spirit... or a boob, and your crush may become your bday present :P j/k

you passing on Gintoki? that doesnt make sense lol but guess it depends how much love you are giving and how much you will be receiving through time ^^;

A little mountain training should cleanse your mind of these impure thoughts.

@rockleelotus, I might tempted to show him my boobs. But first I need to make sure that he's into pettan otherwise I might dig my own grave :P

And what's with the question mark? You think I'm not good enough for Gintoki? huh? HUH?! O__O

@baka_raptor, funny that you said that. I went on mountain hiking last week and took a dip in the waterfall. It just gives strength to the impure thoughts.

I'm going on a retreat this weekend and he'll be around too. Lets hope I don't pounce on him XD

LMAO@you gonna get some...

I was totally fine today, then I read this post. Now I can't help wondering if I'm too old to go after a particular love interest. -.-"

Honestly, you don't sound like you are too fond of your boyfriend. :p

In case I forget in the few days time,

Was going to post something along the lines of me being your crush, but I chickened. -.-"

Lol. It just occurred to me, that particular love interest? She's 3 years older than me. Lol!

Hope she is pedo for me... LOL!

Ok. I sound like some farking kid... but I'm gonna post this up anyway. Lol.

LOL very true, and that question mark was more for if you met someone that reminds you of Gintoki, "why havent you pounced on him and gone into all out reap mode?" XD

...oh and have fun at the retreat :P

@blur, I am fond of my bf, we just have wicked sense of humor ^_^

3 years different is normal. Like I said, age doesn't mean a thing unless you wanna it to be. Go for it, blur!!

@rockleelotus, I almost did but my conscience stopped me. Dayyum.

Well happy birthday for whenever that is! I hope it's not too late.

Anyways, good luck with whatever you decide to do with your crush and bf.

thanks Yi. My birthday is tomorrow so you are not too late ^^

I am still lost at what/where my decision/heart lies

I disagree with the top comment, I think you can love 2 people at the same time. The thing is what you're gonna do about it, if anything. You go Kluxor!

you can love 2 people at the same time but as the time goes by you will fall out of love with either one of them, is what I think and what I feel right now ^^

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