04 March 2010

Bleach: Chapter 394

*sigh* I should have known not to get my hopes high. I should have known that the old fuck will not be done yet.

I am disappointed that he is not dead after all the effort Aizen puts in Wonderweiss to extinguished the old flame. The old fuck punches a hole in Wonderweiss with his bare fist with no effort at all.

In my hurry to see him dead I forgot that after 1000 years of being the 30th Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 that he'll have something up his sleeves...

Looks like he is pretty confident that he is the strongest shinigami around. I smile. Maybe Aizen ain't the strongest, but he is definitely the wisest. He still does not lift a finger yet. He lets Wonderweiss does all the hard work of protecting him, and making the old fuck all the more frustrated.

The old fuck survives all the attacks. Oh but of course! *rollseyes*

This chapter sucks. It just shows how ridiculously retarded Wonderweiss is and how strong the old fuck is. What a waste of my fucking time.

Having said that, I still hope it is not the end for Wonderweiss yet.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Is true that the episode 394 of bleach it wasn't to impactant. But it shows that yamamoto is not only a cranky old men.

The next week chapter is gonna be AWESOME.

Strategic planning is probably not one of of Yama's strong suits, but the old man knows how to serve up knuckle sandwiches.

This chapter was the same as 390, except this time it was for Yama.

To Anonymous #1, what? that he's strong too? Not for long, he won't.

@TJ, I like to see how far he can go with that knuckles of his

To Anonymous #2, ah but his opponent is much stronger compared to Komamura ;)

that cant be all Wonderweiss is capable of! Aizen didnt flinch when Yama was about to hit him.

exactly! and we have yet to see Gin in action *excited*

I actually kind of liked the chapter and liked that the old guy is still fighting.
It would seem lazy if Kubo just wrote him off easily.

Can't wait for Gin to get into action soon.

yea at this point im rooting for Aizen... i mean how the fuck did the shinigami beat all the espada so easily? bleach is starting to piss me off... i hope aizen kills all of them, and then we can start a new series in which the shinigami are the outsiders trying to get soul society back from aizen

oops i just read this and ruined everything.

actually i didn't. i'm just really bored and needed to type something somewhere.

@Yi, I want the old fuck died the very minute he showed his face but who am I kidding. He's supposed to be the 'strongest'. fucktard...

@oballer, welcome ~nyaaaa :3 but yeah I want the same thing to happen too. At the moment Kubo is making Aizen the God of the world. Only Ichigo's plotkai can defeat him. I'm not happy about that. Not at all :(

@My husbando, your presence here made the entry so much awesome ^_^

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