02 March 2010

Ladies vs Butler: Episode 7

Oh great, now we have a girl who cosplay in the mix?! Fuck, I already hate her. What kind of a name is Pina Suforumukuran Estoh anyway? What is she? Spannish? Finland? Hers definitely rival that of Selnia Iori Flameheart >_>

Yes you! Who else has a fucking name like that?

In the first minute of episode 7 we have already seen her falling into Hino's arms. It was her fault so why the fuck did she run away wailing as if Hino just fingered her? Girls like her annoys me. I want to bitchslap her and possibly rape her afterward which won't last very long because she would be a willing victim in no time. That's what chicks with weird names really are: whores.

OMG all I have been doing in ranting. It's not even 4 minutes yet -__-

Don't let OEG hears you!

and OMG it seems like I have been wrong. This girl is obviously into anime! She educates that teacher (who has dildo up her ass all the time) and Hino about the importance of knowing your anime! Fuck. Now I like her. Shit, this show confuses me!!!

I feel your pain, milady

And apparently she's a princess so the show kinda take it for granted that princesses must have complicated scientific names like that. I still hate that part.

Once Saikyo found out that Hino messed up, she messed with his head. Saikyo does it best after all. So she tricked Hino to do whatever Estoh wants to avoid "international crisis" while Estoh need someone to help her with her doujinshi. *yawns*

Nia reference FTW?

Hino kinda recommended Saikyou to be operation adviser. That I can accept. What I can't accept though is the fact Selnia always, I mean ALWAYS, shows up whenever she's un-fucking-wanted. This lead to her getting the female lead role. And then she just has to ruin everything. Grrr... she just wants Hino comes begging! What a slut.

But of course in the end everything works out >_>

A little something for Glo

I guess the moral of the story is the power of friendship can get us through any kind of adversity *snores*


Well, it looks like I have to watch this now, since Rie Kugimiya's name has been dropped.

I'm still liking this waaay more than I should. I think I should just come out soon about how much of a sucker I am for this series.

Also, I'm still going to argue with you that Selnia is da coolest name. Estoh has kinda got it too. Of course, winner still goes to Kuouzumiaiginsusutakeizumonokamimeichoujin Mika of Resort Boin. Srsly.

@Glo, you won't be hating it much (that obviously is a lie XD)

@Ningyo, I still yawns when I watch this. The only reason I am loyal to this show is to see whether Saikyo will ends up with Hino or not -__-

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