03 March 2010

Bleach: Episode 260

So this week we are going to get a dose on Hisagi Shuuhei and his zanpaktou, Kazeshini. Looks like their dispute from the zanpaktou's arc has not been resolved yet. Oh wait, that was just a flashback of their fight in that arc -__-

Apparently even after he was freed from Muramasa's spell, Kazeshini still acts on his own, rebelling against Hisagi. He just wants his master dead, or at least defeat him so he can succumb to his order.

Hisagi is supposed to go with Kira, Ikkaku and Iba to part of Rukongai where they received a report about Sword Fiend but since Kazeshini attacked him, he has to stay behind and deal with his zanpaktou while the others solve their mission.

But since Kazeshini fights dirty, Hisagi refuses to fight him. He wants to fight Kazeshini heads on. This just frustrated Kazeshini even more. I personally doesn't have a problem with the way he fights but I can understand where Hisagi is coming from. He's from the 9th Squad where they uphold the justice and shit. I bet that influence the way he fights too.

Even after all this, at the end of the day I still feels like Kazeshini has a soft side. He will be the one ends up helping the fukutaichos defeating the Sword Fiend in this episode.

Ooh it just gets better! Kazeshini ends up taking care of a baby. Awwww.... ^_^

I have to mention this. I really like the way Kazeshini talks. He reminds me of Grimmjow. Fuck I miss that blue-haired guy. I hope he's not dead yet.

hearing Wabisuke says that, it's priceless XD

And Kazeshini becomes extremely adorable with the baby around. I know he has it in him. He has learn the need to protect stranger so now he understands Hisagi a little bit better. He still confront him for a fight though but obviously he lost to Hisagi.

The sword fiends in this episode are very generic. They are pretty much bald with red glowing eyes. I guess they don't bother with the details since the real story is about Kazeshini.

It was another nice episode. I like it a lot but then again I am a bias fucker and has always has a soft spot for Kazeshini the first time I laid my eyes on him. I think he has one of the best character design for a zanpaktou. I don't care if this is a filler character. They are all legit in my book.

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I fucking hate bleach right now...just like I did 20 episodes ago. Like they should have been done with this Zanpaktou shit like 5 episodes ago. Like what in the hell is the Bleach camp thinking!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

They are doing the fillers so that they won't catch up to the manga. I don't blame them. They did what they have to do. Doesn't mean that I like it though

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