06 March 2012

scrumbtious outlet

There is a reason why my blog has not been my priority as of late. As I have said here and here, things are really busy for me. Third month of 2012 and most of the shits planned for my resolution are coming to fruition. It's faster than I had imagine it would be. I feel like I'm living on a fast lane at the moment while the people around me move in slow-motion.

I just received a call today that I have passed the first interview with Shell for the gas station. 4 more to go and the second one is already scheduled on 15th March 2012. Got to be mentally prepared for that...

And then, there's the big news of me finally opening my scrumbtious outlet on Sunday, 4th March 2012. It was a small pre-launching joint-event with Mr. Kombi Cafe & Kopitiam. I prepared few cakes, cupcakes and treats with only 2 cakes for sale that day. The event started at 6pm and by 9pm my cakes are finished/sold out with 3 more hours to go. Needless to say, I'm quite happy with how things turned out.

I am also quite thankful for the support and love that I got from everyone who personally came or to those who sent me their regards from afar. It made me realized that I didn't waste my time on the internet for nothing. LOL

Thank you.

Here are some pics taken of my scrumbtious outlet during the opening.

To my fellow bloggers who just so happened to be in Johor Bahru, do stop by :)

55 & 56 Jalan Ibrahim
80000 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia

facebook page: facebook.com/scrumbtious
blog: scrumbtious.blogspot.com


A trendy baked goods cafe with guitar players? Negishi would love this place!

Aww - congrats again, hun! Glad it went well, and the place looks awesome! I'll look forward to hearing more great things about it, I'A. ^ ^

heh yeah, unplugged stuff daily at scrumbtious outlet, Baka-Raptor. whoever can play there granted they are good at it :)

Thanks Hana. There's a lot more things to do but I'm getting the hang of it

place looks awesome and the cakes look good. congrats klux :D

sadly im from the US so you have to get that international dessert chain going, dont make me wait too long :P

It's amazing you're actually doing these things while the rest of us are loafing around in school, etc. Good luck in all your future endeavours, I'll be sure to come if I ever stop by in Malaysia*~!

*granted this won't be any time soon but who knows?

International dessert chain eh? Sounds like a plan! XD

@Mushyrulez, it's nothing amazing considering how much older I am in the aniblog community. Hopefully by the time you come to Malaysia, I have several cafes scattered throughout the country :)

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