22 February 2012

February sucks

So, for some reason, my anime activity during February always comes down to zero... none... nada. The same thing happened last year but it was because I went traveling and took a vacation from my not-so-busy life. However this year, the reason why I haven't watched a single episode of anime for 2 weeks was simply because life pretty much raped my anal.

Not a single fuck was given that day
(c) Shell

As most of hardcore anime fans would have agreed, a life without anime is suffering especially if you have a blog that pretty much revolved around anime. You can see it slowly dying in terms of the number of readers you had per day. It's dwindling.

Sad as it may be, I have no options at the moment. I have to concentrate on my 3 jobs and if that's not enough, I received another good news regarding my plan to open the gas station. I have an interview about it tomorrow (read: today) at 2pm. I spent the whole day today running around to prepare myself for this critical first interview. There are four more interviews after this in order to ensure my cousin and I are eligible enough for them to invest 10 million on us.

Imagine the preparation.

I will eventually catch up to the season's anime. There's no way I'm not watching nichibros or Kill Me Baby, as well as the other backlog anime from previous seasons. All I'm saying is, I won't be able to update this blog as frequently as I used to do.

Hopefully comes April, things will be under my complete control again.


at least its the shortest month in the year XD

i can barely manage having one job and your taking on 3 and then some, i will never complain about being lazy again.... nah i probably still will.

hang in there, and best of luck! hope all this hard work pays off :)

3 jobs and then some and I still procrastinate like no others LOL

Sankyu :)

Aw, the guy from the image is Sougo :3 and I can see Kagura's legs too.
Who's the artist (of the fanart)?

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