01 January 2012

Welcome 2012

With 2011 out of the way, it's time to welcome the new year, the year where the world is supposed to end. Fuck that though. Instead of worrying about shit that mortal men made up, lets just live our lives the way we fucking want it to be. No regrets.

(c) Oldxian

2011 has been sort of kind to me and I hope 2012 will be even kinder. It certainly looks like that from where I am sitting at the moment. Just few days ago I got several offers regarding my career path, all in the same day. I can hardly believe my luck.

The first offer is as an editor for Iskandar Malaysia. I don't think I can say anything about the project just yet since it was still confidential shit and what not. I am kinda not sure about this one since I was trying to have a more flexible working hours and having to come up with at least 60 pages of shit to write every month would probably means late working hours and thus, limited anime time. I'm in dilemma. Having said that, this is one hell of a golden opportunity. To be involved in such project would be a great boost for my career.

The problem lies with the fact that I am trying to get out of that career path and venture to a new one which is why I am taking the part time classes at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia. If everything goes according to plan, I'll get that certificate in Pastry and Bakery Arts in April. With that certificate I was planning on opening up my own pastry shop. Though I initially planned on having opening one this year, I changed my mind. This because the capital will be used for my other plan which is opening a gas station with my cousin. I am hoping with the return of investment, I'll be able to open scrumbtious pastry house by 2013.

In the mean time, I will strengthen my branding for scrumbtious which lead us to my second offer. A friend of mine is opening a cafe in the middle of Johor Bahru town soon. I talked to him in passing about my plan for a cake house when we met several months ago. I was quite surprised when he called and asked if I am interested to supply the desserts for his cafe, granted that I can used my own branding. It won't even required a lot of capital since I only need to prepare for the equipments that I need at the cafe like the chiller and a freezer. Needless to say, I'm interested as fuck. I don't even need to be there, just supplying my goods daily. I think that I can do this as a part time job but if I were to accept either one of the other two offers, will I have time for it?

How I imagine my pastry shop would be like
(c) koyori

And that's my first resolution of 2012: establishing the brand scrumbtious and made it known to the public.

Now, on to the third offer: I can get my old job back at JOHO. They are expanding and since I have been with them since the beginning, they feel like I should be there celebrating the success of the company. I am honored but because I know the amount of work that I'll be subjected to, it quickly drained my excitement. I quit because it poses no new challenge for me. I got bored. However from what I've heard, the company is going places in 2012 which mean I might get to learn something new as well. I must admit, it will indeed be fulfilling to be with the guys to reap the fruits that we sow together.

At the moment I am still undecided which offer will I accept. The only person that I can confide in is not around. I have a week to think it through though. Plenty of time to come up with a decision and excuses. Can this be another new year resolution? I think not.

Speaking of resolution, I am no longer give a shit about love and relationship. I have had enough and since I don't give a damn anymore about being a mom, men can fuck among themselves. 17 years of love going down the drain and I don't even shed a tear. If he wants to come back, he better crawl on all fours and show me how god damn sorry he is. That should teach him a fucking lesson for taking me for granted. I can't believe that I have fallen out of love with him. Never thought such day would come.

I guess I am truly single now. inb4 my waifus
(c) Enami Katsumi

My second resolution for 2012 is to be actively writing again. I don't mean writing posts for blogs but finishing my books, or at least one of them. I hardly update anything in 2011 which is inexcusable. It's not like I wasn't inspired but rather I let the laziness/procrastination consumed and eventually killed my desire to write. I will try to at least get one chapter out per month. Earlier last year, I made Wednesday as writing day. I think I should resumed that tradition. Easier said than done though because if work didn't get in the way, anime and yaoi will.

I would also like to be more wise and have more discipline and self-control when it comes to spending my monies. I should be extra careful now that I have projects and plans underway. And thus ladies and gentlemen, this is my third and last resolution.

That should be all. My consumption of anime should not be interrupted. The same goes for maintaining this blog. Doing both provide me with constant fangasm and fapping moments. They are part of my life and something that I have been doing unconsciously, like breathing. Part of this is thanks to to the awesome aniblogsphere community.

I am in a happy place right now and is very content regarding of where I am at this stage of my life. I hope nothing will disrupt the tranquility that I feel at the moment.

(c) Hombre

Lets hope this time next year, the world as we know it still exist.

Goodbye 2011, welcome 2012. Happy New Year everyone ^_^


Happy 2012 (from someone still living in 2011). Having to decide between good opportunities is a good problem to have. Best of luck with everything you decide to do this year.

Darn, I hope I have five or six job offers like you in 2012.
As abandoned says, it's a good problem to have, especially in this economic situation.

Stick with scrumbtious at all costs if you ask me. It's not often that you can find a career that you love doing, and your passion for it speaks volumes to me. I feel like you should go all in with it until you get your cafe, which you will be able to do easily in my eyes.

I watch the food network all day and wish that I decided going to culinary school after all. Sort of. I love to cook if I could make a career out of it like own my own restaurant, then I would do it in a second, but right now I just don't have the money or time, and I doubt I ever will.

Do the pastry thing, with anime-themed pastries. What could possibly go wrong?

Happy new years! I will have to visit your blog more often, those pastries look so good...wow...good work O_O! I want some hahaha...

I supposed by now you already celebrated your New Year, right joojoobees?

Thanks guys. I just met with my friends who offered me the dessert partnership. Looks like it is a done deal. I just need to sign some papers and come up with the menu and shit. If things go as plan, the cafe will be open by the end of February. Like I said, it's a good opportunity to build up my branding and since my passion at the moment is baking, there's no reason why I shouldn't do it.

As for the other two offers, I'm gonna discuss the options with my jerk/family and will consider what they have to say about it, if it wasn't too retarded. scrumbtious is more of a part time thingy and I think I might just accept the Iskandar Malaysia offer for a full time job. We'll see...

Baka-Raptor, anime-themed pastry? I can sell it if it's in Kuala Lumpur. I don't think the market is ready yet in Johor.

Happy New Year!

Hoping that whatever option you take, it will be the better!

all the best for 2012!

Same goes to you ^_^

when would you need to love anyone when you have my love ;)

because I'm greedy. Why settle for one when I can have many? :P

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