07 March 2012

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 14

This episode pretty much explains what Yu was up to in the last episode, of how he spend his summer vacation. Seeing that I was bored to death watching that one, I'm not looking forward for this episode which explains why the gap between the episodes is so big. Heh, I should probably write this in the diary but it has becomes a habit for me and since I don't do any harm to anyone, I might as well continue what I love doing regardless that I am 8 weeks behind LOL

It all started when Nonako went home without her umbrella since she gave it to the fox. Yuu wanted to buy a new one for her but since he has no monies, he ended up doing odd jobs helping people out. This came about when that mysterious fox requested him to start doing part time job.

And thus the hardship begins. He was harassed by women, friends and children. Remember that he even wore Kuma's suit and that itself was hellish.

But in the end, I have a few laugh especially when that giant koi fish appeared and Yuu's reaction was priceless. Heh, this show threw something funny unexpectedly. Sure there's that slapstick comedy but then there's something like this too. This is why I feel like Persona 4 ain't that bad of a show despite the lack of quality in the animation.

But yeah, this seems more like a filler episode >_>


It gets great hereon out. Watch watch watch!

I will I will I will! Now I'm excited. Thank XD

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