01 February 2012

An update

A month have passed since I wrote my resolutions for 2012. Needless to say that it has been one hell of a tiring month both mentally and physically. I'll tell you why in a minute. Before that, let it be known that I am dropping all the other anime this shitty season except for Another and Daily Lives of High School Boys. I have to do this because I can't afford watching shit when time is a constraint.

Alright then, here comes the update of my life. I doubt anyone is interested but who the fuck cares. This is my blog after all. I answer to no one.

bat shit insane: this is basically how I feel every single time every day

First of all, it looks like there is no way that I can get out of or decline the editorial job. They have been hunting me down non-stop about it. I am incline to decline because I've foresee how crazy my life would be once I accepted it, regardless of the benefits or the boost to my career, because at the end of the day, I know I want to enjoy life and accepting this offer definitely not one of the way I thought I will be spending my 30's. However, since this is a major project that involves lot of monies, if I said no, it will affect the people who have been working their asses off trying to secure this job. With that said, I'll be starting this February. Oh fuck. It's already February...

And then there's that old job too. I had a meeting with them last night and because I am such a kind hearted person, I am easily persuaded. I think it's crazy holding two day jobs at the same time but the best thing about these offers is the fact that I don't have to go into the office to do my work. Of course there will be occasional meet up and what not but it won't be so stressful.

Problem is, procrastination is my worst enemy and one that I can't defeat easily. The lack of discipline will affect my work. Having said that, I've done this before (that's how I got to be a hikki in my early 20's) and I know it's not impossible. I just need to smack myself a few times when the dateline is approaching.

Oh, I accepted my friend offer so I'll be handling the dessert and pastry parts for his cafe which mean I have a much stronger platform for scrumbtious. The shop is underway and is scheduled to be opened in the middle of February. I am fairly busy (no duh!) right now trying out new recipes and building up material to strengthen the brand name.

My first thought was declining both day time jobs offer and focus on scrumbtious but now I end up doing all three jobs at the same time.

If that is not crazy I don't know what is.


Wow... that's a lot to tackle! I am sure you can do it, but don't forget to take some time for you and only you once in awhile! :)

You know what you need? Another job. Maybe you should consider a side-line of being a street-corner magician who sells information to the police.

my time off is when I can sit down, write my book/blog and watch anime. At the moment I'll be thankful and grateful for just that.

@joojoobees, what makes you think that I am not a secret agent already? heh XD

at this rate you will never find a boyfriend! *gets shot*


Outsource the jobs and take all the credit. If you work from home, it's not like anybody will know.

hehe vien, the only boys I'm interested in are the yaoi kinds XD

baka, you are a bloody genius!

This is insane I'm having difficulty just balancing school, work, ceramics, and anime. My future looks bleak...

And yes I included anime in that list. IRC has gotten me fully invested again so much so that I can't even post stuff cuz I'm watching anime.

I've also narrowed it down to Another & Daily Lives of High School Boys....

But man, you have a LOT going on in the work department @_@ It sounds like you are going to be very busy, please don't overwork yourself. Though, don't procrastinate too much either LOL

man, I want to try one of your baked goods...

Oh wait I'm still watching Nisemonogatari too haha

Like I have feared, anime have took the back seat in my life at the moment and life without anime is suffering indeed but sacrifices have to be made T__T

I'm 2 weeks behind the episode of nichibros, another and kill me baby atm, Vivi. Anime is not the only thing I'm procrastinating atm. Work too and I'm gonna be dead when the dateline starts closing in x__x

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