01 March 2012

First Impression: Ai no Kusabi (2012)

I can't remember the last time I watched yaoi. It has been a while. Since I've been working relentlessly for these past couple of months, I think I deserved a reward. Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked about this one right here. I have been waiting for it since last year but for some reason they canceled the plan to release it last year and only now did us fans finally manage to get the 2012 version of the legendary Ai no Kusabi. Yeah, if you think you are a fan of yaoi but have never watch the 1992 version, don't call yourself a fan.

The premise of the story is basically the same but with better animation, character design etc. Riki is still Iason's pet, since well... he has black hair and thus automatically made him a mongrel. The blondies are pretty much the men in power and each of them are allowed to take one mongrel from the slum to become their pet. I know... fucked up society is fucked up LOL

I found myself still a bit partial towards Iason. He's just so calm and collected. His behavior as Riki's master is something that I look forward to actually and he's the reason why I fap to this yaoi. Riki for me personally, is a one dimensional character. He's a rebel and that was it. I guess we just have to wait until he realized that he's nothing if he isn't Iason's pet to finally see the other side of his character, if any. This is because Iason has released him and allowed him to go back to the slum. He's a confident buttfucker though and he is just so sure that Riki will be his soon enough. I wish Iason nothing but the best :3

As expected, the animation is crisp and sharp, way better than the 90's version. It sort of reminded me of Togainu no Chi. At certain point, especially when Iason was whispering to Riki's ear as he teased him, I found the animation exceptional what with each of the characters' face expression. It sure is turning me on! If only we get to see more yaoi action... but hopefully good things will come for those who wait.

I like everything about Iason including his voice so I have to compliment Tooru Ookawa for the job well done. Itou Kentarou too is perfect for Riki because he has that rough edges to his voice that showcase the rebellious side of him. He also sounds pretty convincing when he's hot and horny. Heh.

I am currently downloading the second episode of this OVA and can't fucking wait for it to be done. The 2012 version of Ai no Kusabi does not disappoint except for the BL action part. I need to see more of that in my yaoi please...

art & animation 8/10
story 7/10
character 8/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 7.8/10


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