19 September 2011

No. 6: Episode 11

Holy shit we have reached the finale. It has been eleven weeks already? Time moves so fast when you see two boys having BL fun ^__^

(c) Shio

I have avoided twitter to avoid spoilers so I am watching this episode not knowing what to expect and that excites me. I also avoided reading any aniblog for the past few days for the same reason. I can't wait to finish this episode and stalk those blog to see what are the general opinions about this show.

Anyhoo, the people of No.6 are dropping like flies during the Holy Day. All died because of those damn bees. Meanwhile at the Correctional Facility, Safu talked about Elyurias. Apparently Nezumi was part of the experiment. They wanted to know more about the forest folk so they can eventually used Elyurias immense power. Elyurias let them have it their ways only to plant the bees as punishment for No.6's arrogance. The clueless Shion doesn't understand a thing until Nezumi points out that Safu is Elyurias. No.6 used her as a medium.

I don't know why Shion is so depressed by that fact though. Chill out. It's okay. She loves you but you loves Nezumi. She'll get it eventually :P

Safu/Elyurias guides them there for one purpose: Nezumi needs to destroy Mother (that's the super computer that controls No.6) and he's the only one who can do it since he's a forest folk descendant.

*licks lips*
(c) yuriko

Like I said, Shion went pretty crazy when he heard the truth. He no longer believe in his own ideology of destroying the wall, the third options. Nezumi has to knock him unconscious to stop him from going berserk. Also she has to do it since destroying Mother means destroying Safu/Elyurias as well. I doubt Shion can live with that kind of burden. I mean, he was determined to save Safu after all. He just doesn't get it, does he?

As for me, I'm happy that Safu has been eliminated. This mean there's no one can interfere the special BL relationship between Shion and Nezumi lmao

Oh shit, I didn't think that Shion lost it afterwards though. He completely went AWOL and accused Nezumi for using him and killing Safu. Nezumi who thinks it's best not to argue just goes with it but there's no use pretending when he took a bullet for Shion. Shion manages to save him though only to be shot at the fucking chest!

Oh fuck. My prediction was right! Shion is fucking dead! O_o

BUT WAIT HE LIVES!!! Thanks to Elyurias power, he's now a freaking zombie. LOL I kid. Safu sang, disappear and all wounds are healed. I wonder if this applies to the other citizen of No.6 as well or just them two.

*shrugs* It's not like I give a damn anyway.

So they are successful with their mission. The walls are destroyed and so it's a new beginning to both No.6 and West District citizens. There are no physical walls separating them, only their mentality (coz I doubt No.6 would be so willing to accept the West District people).

Now that Shion lives, I expect he and Nezumi to start making babies like rabbits but is it me or does Nezumi left Shion? Even after that kissu? What the fuck is going on? This is not the ending I want! I want some yaoi goddammit!

Oh well, at least we get this. Totally made my day because I didn't expect it at all =3
(c) Kaz10

Yep, I literally jump from my chair with fist in the air hollering praises to God when Nezumi goes in for the kill. God that made me so damn biased. Now I can't say that this show is bad XD

I'm gonna miss Nezumi terribad T____T


LOL your description of the episode is so damn great! I almost fell off my chair, laughing like an idiot xD

and thanks for making me read this again. I didn't conclude anything for the show, just ramblings about how bad I want some yaoi action. LOL me loves meself ^_^

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