22 September 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 21

After wreck havoc at the academy, Neuhaus wife ran to Shiemi's place and lost consciousness there. Shiemi who doesn't have a clue of who she is, helps her out. Neuhaus on the other hand was brought in for questioning. Since they all knew his family is dead, they suspect that he quickened her but he denies it. He claims that his wife was revived from the dead and a demon has possessed her thus the spider web.

After listening to his story, there is no way Rin could sit still and do nothing so he goes after her. He would have kill her too if Shiemi doesn't stop him but unfortunately the Vatican decides to interfere. Rin is quickly taken care of by Auguste (how weak but experience > Satan's power I guess) but not for long. Being the hero that he is, Rin stops Auguste from landed the killing blow on Michelle (the name of Neuhaus' wife by the way).

This is the main problem with men who is so extreme with his believes. They can't see clearly through reasons. It is either black or white, no in between. But this is a good chance for Rin to redeem himself with Michelle. Now she's more confused than ever as to why a Satan's son would helped her. She figures it out eventually that Rin isn't the bad guy and even takes a fatal bullet for him.

Good job Vatican. You have just declared war with the son of Satan.

In the mean time, Yukio is having a reunion dinner with his grandfather on the train where he learns for the first time in his life, his mother's name: Yuri. The reason why his grandfather suddenly decided to reveal himself is because Mephisto has been taken into custody thus leaving the twins without a guardian. He feels like he needs to step up to the plate and be a responsible grandfather.

Apparently Yukio's grandfather was confined after the tragedy of the Blue Fire by the Vatican. He lost everything that night including his daughter Yuri who the Vatican thinks need to be disposed of since she was carrying Satan's spawn. Ah shit. This is just great. This old dude is poisoning Yukio's mind with thoughts of revenge. I dislike him already.

Well, at least Yukio still questions why he is the only one who is brought in. It eases my worry a little when he still so concerns of Rin. But of course since Rin has awakened, bringing him along to the Dragoon Laboratory would be risky since it's an anti-demon weaponry factory. The Order of the True Cross knows nothing about this laboratory of course since he thinks that they have become naught but puppet to Mephisto. As expected this old fuck wants Yukio to join him.

Ah fuck damn it. I'm pissed knowing where this will lead.

I have no doubt that this old fuck was the one who revived Neuheus wife too. He also has taken over the Grigori put himself on the pedestal. He calls for an urgent summon to confirm his taking over the Vaticana and declares war on the demon. And as expected, Yukio is right there besides him.


You phailed me Yukio. I knew you are better than this T__T


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