22 September 2011

Bleach: Chapter 465

The chapter starts with a color page of Ginjou looking like a dumbass maniac in a skull power-ranger suit. I guess Kubo is trying to make Ginjou looks formidable. Well, he's not. None of the Xcutioners are.

And Kubo isn't showing the main fight between him and Ichigo just yet. That color page is just an appetizer. First he brings us the fight between Ikkaku and Shashigawara instead and boy Ikkaku gets his hands full with this one since he can't figure out where does his strength comes from. But not for long. When Shashigawara dislocated Ikkaku's shoulder, that just set the warning bell ringing and Ikkaku set it right again with just his muscles. Shashiwara almost peed in his pantsu when he sees that. Heh that is so Ikkaku.

Second is the fight between Renji and Jackie. He is being a gentleman for a change for refusing to attack Jackie first who apparently has a motorcycle engine perched on her shoulder like a parrot with pirate. She just goes on and on at how fucking strong she is. She used that engine to create filth so that it covers her entire body thus making her stronger. Urgh, she can't get any more befitting full-bring if you asked me. What a slut. I love it when Renji doesn't even flinch or draws his zanpaktou when she attacks him. That attack doesn't even scratch him and this obviously just enrages the slut. Even more so when Renji mocks her.

What Renji said is what I've been saying in the last episode. These shinigamis are at least a 100 years old and they have been training to defeat Aizen. These n00bs don't stand a fucking chance but it still is fun to see them putting a fight though.

I don't hate Renji but I don't like him either. This chapter however might just changed my opinion of him ^__^

Ah damn Kubo. I want to see Byakuya kicking Tsukishima's ass!

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Wait you don't like Renji? I could've sworn that I thought he would be your fav character in Bleach ahah.

But this chapter pretty much personifies why Bleach is lacking these past few years. Too much foreplay and disappointingly lacking action. Must be how Kubo likes it in bed. ZING!

Renji has never been in my favorite character list. He's just too plain in my opinion, until this chapter that is.

Foreplay? Kenpachi killed the old fag within 3 seconds. That was a big changed and I got a feeling that each of these fullbringers will be dropping like flies soon enough. Kubo has finally realized how fucking useless this arc is and thus moving it on along in a much quicker pace.

Yeah, I wanted to see Byakuya curb stomp Tsukishima... I guess all the weaker Xcution members will have to be defeated first before we see the two main events.

Ginjou and Ichigo will be pretty equal imo. Ginjou with experience while Ichigo with his Deux ex Machina.

also, I want to see Rukia in action terribad

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