25 September 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 22

Knowing that Yukio has taken the dark path, I am not looking forward to watch the rest of this small arc of Ao no Exorcist. I don't have much of a choice though. Despite my worries, I still have to see what will happen to these twin who have captured my heart.

The school is temporarily closed because Mephisto was taken into custody. The students have also learned about the new pope that was elected at the Vatican. The Vatican decides to take direct control of the cram school and the Orders. Yukio is assigned as the Head of the Japanese Branch. Not only that, he also received the title of Paladin. WTF? This only means trouble in my opinion because Aegis is just a fucked up in the head old man who only has revenge in that puny brain of his and he's using Yukio. I am not happy about this. Not at all.

shoot me Yukio, I will die happy ^__^

As expected, Ernst wants to fight the demons head on using the anti-demon weaponry that he has developed in secrecy over the years. I wonder if this old man is a filthy rich mother fucker. I'm sure he can't afford all these shits otherwise. He called that plan as "Jacob's Ladder" and Yukio is responsible for carrying it out.

The exorcists all get to choose a weapon of their fancy, even the students. The weapons are special in that it can absorb the demon blood. SHITS ARE DEFINITELY GOING DOWN as they vanquish the demons without mercy. The battles are one-sided. Not all demons are bad. I've learned this through reading Amatsuki. Some of the demons help protected certain places and play other roles for the sake of the humans. The Exorcists have turned into just plain cold-blooded murderers now.

Ernst is using the faith of the Exorcists to the Order and the Vatican to make them do what he wants. All for the sake of the religion. I fucking hate people like him, using religion as an excuse to create havoc and hatred. I mean, even in Malaysia we have people from a political party called PAS who is using Islam as it's cloak when they are just as greedy and corrupted as the rest of the dirty politicians. It grosses me out when people, seemingly with high intellects, fall for such lies. FUCKING WAKE UP YOU FUCKING MORONS!

Thankfully, the show finally reveals why Yukio took his grandfather's side. Knowing that he's doing all these for the sake of Rin makes me forgive him. I thought he didn't know any better and was easily fool, but I can understand why he made the choice. He cares for Rin too much to pass up on the opportunity to make Rin normal/turn back to human again. I can feel your brotherly love Yukio! Ernst also threatens Yukio about his demonic problem. Now that I know of his reasons, I want to give him a hug and make me hate that old fuck even more for using his own grandchildren.

Yukio is way over his head. It frustrates me to see him flaunting around his Paladin title to his students and to Rin. Problem with Yukio at the moment is just not about his resolve to help Rin but he is affected by the demon that resides inside of him as well.

that face *faps*

The promise of turning Rin into an ordinary human can only be achieved through Messiah, the ultimate weapon he has developed. In order to use it, the Gehenna Gate must be opened first. This is where Rin comes in. He and the weapons that the Exorcists have been using as well.

Rin is captured and placed in a cell besides Mephisto. Once Mephisto has learned what is going on, he escaped and leave Rin alone who apparently is sentence to death. There he meet Ernst for the first time.

Surprisingly Rin is so calm with the execution thingy. I like to believe that he has faith in Yukio and trust his younger brother will do something to save his ass. The others try to rescue him but Sir Auguste is to kill anyone who interferes with the execution ceremony. The weapons start to draw demon blood an thus the ceremony has started.



Ah damn, where the fuck is Yukio!

And just like that Yukio realized he has been lied to and what the fucking fuck happen after the old fuck opens the Gehenna Gate? Yukio is possessed by Satan himself. FUCK WHAT?!

I was shocked too, Yukio

I'm loving this XD


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