02 June 2011

Bleach: Chapter 450

And thus Ichigo's training with Ginjou resumed, more intense this time (yeah, like we know that *rolleyes*).

you are so predictable Ichigo *facepalm*

Ichigo is baffles with Ginjou. No matter how long he fights him, he couldn't feel his intent. It's good that he's questioning his trust in Ginjou. At least that would make the incoming chapters more fun. Since he is thinking too many things, Ginjou takes the opportunity to inflict serious wound to his face. TO HIS FACE! Fuck you Ginjou, if that leaves any mark, I'll castrate you! If he turns out blind after this, I'll swear I'm going to fucking kill you, and Kubo too while I am at it.

meh, whore-hime is there, she can undo them. >=(

The chapter turns to worse when Riruka comes in and requests Yukio for a table and chairs so that she can have her beauty snacks with Inoue. This just goes to show how fucking dumb Inoue is really. Kubo wants Riruka to make some sorts of connection with Inoue but that was just pathetic, in my opinion. Needless to say, her conversation with Riruka ticks me off. Oh my, this is fucking bad. This makes me RAGE.

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


Unless Kubo proves us otherwise, her only real purpose is to make sure that Ichigo will still be as good looking as ever through combat and training, and so you don't have to worry about Ichigo getting a permanent scar on his face lol.

At least she's of some use, huh?

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