08 June 2011

Anime: Summer 2011

Surprisingly, I am catching up with anime from Spring season. Well, anime that matters to me anyway which is around 10 shows. That's a lot considering how fucking busy I am whats with life and work raping me alternately in the butt. So I hope that things will go as smoothly if not better for the Summer season.

Thanks to cowbowbibimbop, we have another chart for the summer (what would we do without him). Let's dig in the goodies (I hope there are enough of them to make me jizz in my pantsu).

I am gonna divide the anime to several categories to make it easy for myself. I'm gonna start with shows that I am gonna watch (read: definitely maybe) for the summer:

  • Just that noitaminA tag is enough to convince me. Not to mention that the protagonists for No.6 both looks like Allen Walker and Kanda Yuu respectively. They even have somehow similar story.
  • Blood-C is some sort of sequel for Blood+ and Blood: The Last Vampire. This should be good. Anything with blood and gore is a must watch. I'm not sure about the whole look of the animation though but this is a project by Production I.G. I shouldn't worry too much.
  • Usagi Drop is another anime produced by Production I.G. I have once read the manga though never got the chance to complete it. This one should be a heart-warming story for the summer, much like Ano Hana is for the Spring. Besides, it will be featured in noitaminA.
  • Even though I am a huge fan of A1-Pictures, I just have to ask them why... why did they decided to do The iDOLM@ASTER though I probably already knew the answer to that. One, the game is extremely popular and I'm sure lots of nerds out there just can't wait for this anime to come out. Two, the game has it own set of avid follower so an anime adaptation is just the right step to take, though I wish some other studio should have picked it up. Three... well, I can't think of any at the moment.
  • I don't think an explanation is needed for Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Second Ni! I won't missed it for the world.

Shows that have the potential to be dropped if it turns out average/cliche after the first impression post:

  • Just because of the hype. They postponed Appleseed XIII which was supposed to be released during the Spring season. Perhaps it has something to do with the Japan earthquake but either way, I am still not excited for this one. Production I.G. is teaming up with Jinni's Animation Studios for this one. Never heard of the latter though.
  • Another Marvel adaptation by Madhouse. This time they are butchering doing Blade. I can't say that I am familiar with this one. Goes to show how big of a fan I am with American comics, huh?
  • I am slightly confused with the synopsis for Kamisama Doll. I am just about ready to write this one of when I saw Kishi Seiji is directing this. If it's anything like Angel Beats! then it has potential but then... Uezu Makoto is the one writing this. My excitement is kinda crushed.
  • Oscar better not be a lolicon is all I'm saying for Ikoku Meiro no Croisée because that would fucking ruin a potentially good story.
  • Urgh, crossdressing guy who is maid? I don't think so but Kana Hanazawa is one of the seiyuu for Mayo Chiki! so I have to check this out of my obligation as a seiyuu fag.
  • Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi story is pretty weak. Unless the protagonist has something else to offer, I doubt I will see the rest of the episode. But it does hired some very reliable seiyuu. Hmmm...
  • I was more than ready to write R-15 off when I see that this might have the potential of BL/yaoi. I'm gonna stick around and see if I might be right about it, if the picture from the preview didn't fool me. This one either has the potential to be like Seitokai Yakuindomo or shitty shit like Rio! Rainbow Gate.
  • Anime that has something to do with library and demon. Sounds like Dantalian no Shoka is my kind of anime.
  • Again, I just can't help but does a facepalm when I saw who produced Uta no Prince-sama. I know that it would be full of bishie but just by looking at the story line, I already feel like choking the female protagonist to death. Not a good sign but I am afraid that I will still watch this one despite of.
  • GONZO has returns with Nyanpire the Animation. This has potential to be funneh.
  • I have a feeling that I will drop Ro-Kyu-Bu! after the first episode. It all depends on her Kana Hanazawa character.
  • Sacred Seven reminds me of Star Driver for whatever reasons. I hope it will be as good if not better. But I see some female characters with giga drill breaker hair. That is not a good sign at all.
  • I'm not sure about Kami-sama no Memo-chou. J.C. Staff usually disappoint me with this kind of anime.
  • Nekogami Yaoyorozu can either go totally shit or manageable. I got a feeling that Mayu will be one hell of a tsundere cat god.

Shit shows:
  • Have you read the synopsis of Yuruyuri? K-ON rip-off and you should have known already what I think about that show. Further more this show is made by some unknown studio that I have never heard of.
  • The girls are supposed to be in highschool so do they look like 10 years old? Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel looks like a kid show. Not something I look forward to. Sorry J.C. Staff. As expected, Rie Kugumiya is in it, possibly another tsundere character >_>
  • Who wanna watch a show where the protagonist doesn't say much? Not to mention that the art-style of Morita-san wa Mukuchi seems old.
  • Nothing much is known about Double J but I don't think I want to watch another anime about "life in a high school full of cute girls".
  • The most obvious ecchi anime of the season must go to Manyuu Hikenchou if the blatant obsession with breasts is any indication. Jeebus, I shudder thinking of how much shitness this one will turn out to be.

Shows that I want to watch but in order to do so I have to finish the first season first. Gah, why so many sequel? Where is my Working!! and Hyakko sequel?!

  • Natsume Yuujinchou San
  • Nurarihyon no Mago Second Season
  • Tantei Opera Milky Home Special (I don't know why did I even bother)

Anime that we might not get to see because no one wants to sub them:

  • Inumarudashi since it looks like a less than 15 minutes show for kids and when I say kids, I mean small innocent children, not the kind of kindergarten kids who speak of sexual innuendos.
  • The director for Mawaru Penguindrum is the same one that did Revolutionary Girl Utena, much hype anime. Promising but like I said, will anyone sub this? I doubt it.

My thoughts on OVA, ONA, OAD and Specials that matter to me:

  • Black Lagoon Roberta's Blood Trail because I am collecting them.
  • A-1 Pictures is producing them so I'm gonna watch Valkyria Chronicles 3: Ta ga Tame no Juusou.
  • Hakuoki Hekketsu-roku because I'm following it.
  • I don't need a reason why I should be excited for Ao no Exorcist. It's pretty self-explanatory.
  • I feel obligated to check out Appleseed XII.
  • I wish someone picks up Katte no Kaizou and subs it. This one is produced by SHAFT so there's potential there. I can only find the raw files of the last two OVAs :(
  • Albeit I am a tad behind on Fairy Tail: Yousei Gakuen, I am still 90% into it.
  • Yurumates Huh? since I like the previous one.
  • Nichijou just because.
  • w00t for Hellsing Ultimate. 2 more episodes to go!
  • I think VitaminX Addiction is the only yaoi show of the season. Must watch. Obviously.

As for the films, I am still awaiting news on Bleach's 4th movie but I guess that's for Winter. That doesn't mean there's nothing good in store for us:

  • Sengoku Basara: The Last Party despite the fact that I'm behind the episodes.
  • Tawa no Quon is some sort of similar to Kara no Kyoukai project. This is the first of the 6th films. I saw blood and thus I'm sold.
  • The latest movie by Ghibli is Kokuriko-Zaka Kara. This ought to be the most talk about movie when it is released.

And with that, I conclude this summer preview of mine. There's not much anime that got me excited for the upcoming season but at least Ao no Exorcist and Gintama is still running. The good thing is though, compared to the last season, we have less perverted anime this time around, or maybe I was horribly deceived by the given synopsis.

I am also a tad disappointed that I don't see Tomokazu Sugita's name anywhere. Oh well.

So what is your pick for the summer? Have you decided on anything yet?


I'm a bit iffy with the whole idolmaster anime, but if A-1 Pictures is animating it, I can't help but give it a try after what they've done with AnoHana.

Heh, I'm glad that everyone is taking A1-Pictures seriously now after Ano Hana XD

Summer season is already upon us? Oh jeez... I should finish up some anime soon.

I would like to watch Blood C, but I think I should probably watch Blood+ first, and that's a lot of dedication.

Yuruyuri is something I'm pretty excited about. As a manga, it's fairly popular among yuri circles, so yea... It does have that K-On! feel, but I like that stuff.

Definitely watching that, Black Lagoon, and Hellsing. Other than those, nothing's really set for me. Maybe Usagi Drop.

I think they are doing an alternate version for Blood C so its OK if you never watch Blood + or Blood: The Last Vampire. But still, it is always good to check out the old series for better understanding.

Thanks, now i know I should no bother with Yuruyuri XD

"Oscar better not be a lolicon"
= based on volume 1 of the manga, NOPE, he isn't

Totally agree on the shit shows list.

Guh... I'm not done with my list yet =_=

If you said so, Pyro. There's some hope for the anime then XD

I thought that Mayo Chiki! was about a crossdressing GIRL, not a crossdressing guy?

Don't forget that Clamp is also in on Blood-C, and Clamp is awesome.

Urgh yeah, you were right. I totally read that wrongly. If he's crossdressing as a girl, logically some boys would want to get into his pantsu, right? Hmm, this could turn out better than I expected. LOL

The only Clamp anime I enjoyed was XXXholic but yeah, i have high hope for Blood-C. It's the only anime that has any indication of blood and gore for the season. It better lives up to my expectation.

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