07 June 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 8

Izumi is having nightmare about what happened last time. I would break in cold sweat too if that ghoul demon appeared in my sleepy head. But yeah I guess we are not done with Izumi and her superiority complex yet. Also looks like now she has crush on Rin too. Tsundere much?

but then again, who wouldn't want to get in his pantsu

Izumi lost focus in class since Paku really did left the cram school after she got better. We get to see some background story as to why Izumi wants to be an exorcist, a little pieces here and there. I wonder when the puzzle will be completed?

She even picked fight with Suguro in class, being a stuck up bitch that she is. In turn, the whole class get punished by Yukio since this episode theme for the camp is unity.

Speaking of unity, aren't they supposed to get to know ALL of their classmate first?

Since Yukio has a mission, he has to leave them for three hours. This is a good opportunity to see how they corporate with one another.

While he's gone, the ghoul is back and starts attacking the kids. Of course it's miasma does not has any effect on Rin and since he knew that it is after him, he lures it away from them, but only one of them. Suguro and the others fight the other one with Aria's chant. Thank goodness Suguro is great at memorizing. But Izumi still has to be the whiny bitch even at a time of dire danger. It takes Shiemi to knock some sense into her so she eventually be able to be some sort of help.

Rin has it tough though but at least Snipe shows up. As expected, he does not like Rin for the fact that he is the Satan's son. I guess it's the exorcist's instinct to purge anything that has to do with Satan. Even Yukio does not escape such temptation. But I got a feeling that Snipe is one greedy motherfucker and wants to use Rin otherwise he would no jeopardize the life of his other students so easily, and disappeared when he saw what Rin can do.

I promise I will stay put ♥

Now I want to find out if Yukio has anything to do with this. I just can't shake this feeling that he's been used by Mephisto :(


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