09 June 2011

Bleach: Chapter 451

Because of what happened in the last chapter, Ichigo sort of panicky. It is totally understandable though since he lost his sight without warning. Unlike us who knows that Inoue will put everything back the way they are after the training is over, Ichigo must feel like this is unfair, that he has to stay blind for the rest of his life just because Ginjou decides that he needs to sharpen his senses. If it is Urahara, I believe he would have used other options.

he's still good looking though

If I don't like Ginjou before, I am on the verge of hating him now. He is acting all high and mighty, not to mention a tad crazy too as he provokes Ichigo. I understand that he is doing this for Ichigo's sake but still, hurting my protagonist like that is not good. But at least now he makes me root for Ichigo again. When was the last time I did that?

Inoue tries to help but of course Ginjou wouldn't let her. Kubo makes it seems like they are betraying Ichigo at the moment but meh he is so predictable nowadays. In less than two chapters I am sure Ginjou would be at Ichigo's mercy instead.

But at least for this chapter, Ginjou will have it his way. Ichigo has it bad. Not only he is blinded, he has become the pin cushion for Ginjou's sword. Since Ichigo is so useless, he even used the "I'll kill Inoue and Chad" too card. Jeebus, talk about cliche.

I can't help but wanting to pat Ichigo's hair now though since he is so naive. He is so determine in protecting the people around him that he lost sight of logic and realism. If he does, he would know that Ginjou is bluffing. He might hurt them the way he hurts him but he won't kill them. I actually looking forward to the part of seeing him torturing Inoue and Chad. That would make my day. In fact, I would be very happy if he goes through with his words and really kill these two useless characters. It's about time for them to disappear. Tatsuki and Keigo can take their places and they would be a better for the story as a whole.

But we know that won't happen because Kubo sucks dick. As I said earlier, right when Ginjou threatens to hurt his friends, Ichigo miraculously begin to grasp reiatsu, seeing them or rather sensing them with his blind eyes. He immediately gets another plotkai power up.

I can't be mad at you, Ichigo *sighs*

I really do hope that he beats Ginjou to pulps and only let him explains his method of training after that, as he begs for his life. But no, Ichigo won't do that. He's too good a kid to harm someone like that.

We won't get to see Ichigo beating the life out of Ginjou because apparently his full bring is now completed. With that he got a new outfit, a shikakusho with stripes that reminds me of his hollow powers. And thus his training ends and he is officially one of the Xcutioners now.

I don't like how the chapter ends but I am not gonna rant. Not now at least. Provoke me and I will.

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


I think the whole Xcution thing is really stupid. : / I love Bleach and I'd hate to watch it end, but I rather it end than continue with this sort of plot.

true that. It's not like Urahara or the other shinigami can't do the same for him. I think Kubo wants to make it interesting but as usual, he phailed miserably.

ichigo has never been all that smart. i mean really, if he didn't have super natural powers he wouldn't make it very far. it's strange cause he dad is a freaking doctor, his mom must be dumber than Inoue. but i do apologize i did cross the line, mixing reality with manga.

he's the top 10 students. He's smart and street wise too. But when it comes to someone important, he tends to use his heart instead of his head.

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