16 January 2010

First Impression: Hanamaru Youchien

Look at the above picture and tell me what is wrong with the society nowadays. Heh.

I remember making a comment about this show when I first saw the poster in Chartfag's Winter chart and I have actually secretly waiting to see this, just to see how fucked up it can be. I already saw how fucked up elementary school girls can be in Kodomo no Jikan. Now they are trying new height (or should I say bottomless pit) with Hanamaru Kindergarten.

And I actually chuckled when I saw the scene above especially when I realized that she might still be wearing a diaper. Clearly the girl is influenced by the television show that she watched on TV. Kinda says a lot doesn't it? ^__^

This is Tsuchida the pedophile kindergarten teacher

Obviously he has different agenda when he applied for the teacher position but that besides the point. He's very clumsy with words so that made him kinda stupidly funny I guess. He is the only male teacher in that school so I take it that he is also a pimp.

the sex fiend, the ice queen and the silent predator

Now lets meet the runts. You have met Anzu earlier. The middle runt is Hiiragi who kinda high and mighty a bit and she does not need a freaking mouth to speak. How fucking cool is that?! And the last one is Koume who speaks but no voice comes out. I is yet to confirm whether or not she is mute and didn't know it.

The episode is pretty packed in my opinion. They have the entrance ceremony for the runts and Anzu did a stunt by climbing up the tree to save Kamoe's ribbon. Then Tsuchida found out that Anzu's mom is actually his high school senior. She got married to her teacher. We also get to see a glimpse of others' family but not in great details. At the end of the episode, Anzu made a vow to be Tsuchida's bride and got the approval from her mom >_>

And then you wonder how did your daughter becomes a prostitute *shakes my head*

Of course Tsuchida has to pretend like he is against the idea...

Said that like you mean it, pedo! Not with a smile on your face!

I stand corrected. Looks like Anzu's mom is the one responsible for corrupting her mind, not the TV >_>

The story line is blah, almost non-existent maybe. The art is okay. The runts look cute if they aren't trying so hard to be an adult. If I am 7 years old I might like the OP and ED but since I am definitely not...

Besides the obvious jab, I actually has nothing bad to say about this anime. I do realize it wasn't made for anime fan such as myself because my thing is anything gore, bloody and carnage but I guess it does cater to the rest of the anime fandom who like this sort of thingy (God has mercy on them :P).

art 6/10
story 5/10
sound 5/10
character 6/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 5/10


Hopefully some ppl will actually expect a Gainiax END by the time this show ends. >_>

The main chibi character Anzu-chan can pass for Potemayo's cousin! O.O I'm waiting for the second episode to come out before I give it a review. not really looking forward to seeing a new version of Kodomo no Jikan! (O.O)

this show is just wrong in so many level...

Holy crap, a GAINAX-END would actually be insane. If anything, if they want this series to be talked about for the rest of time, they should actually do that.
I wonder what the likes of 4kids has to say about this. It'd be interesting to watch, at the very least.

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