13 April 2011

First Impression: Astarotte's Toy

Isn't this known as the Lotte's Toy in the preview? I think it is and as far as I know, this show is about semen. Yes, that shit that male ejaculates whenever they are excited. I wasn't planning on watching this but I feel like I have to give at least one episode a go before I shunt it away completely. I just feel sorry for Glo though because he has no choice but to watch this because Rie Kugumiya is in it.

He is more or less me when it comes to Sugita.

Astarotte is the princess of some shitty faraway land where physical appearance is very important. She is a succubus. In order to remain young and beautiful (and staying alive) the people of that land have to consume life-seed semen. This wasn't really that surprising since it was a known fact. What surprising is the fact that Japan blatantly explore this subject and make it as the plot for a subpar anime. What happened to the moral and ethic of a person? No wonder people/parent are getting anxious and have bad perception on anime nowadays to the point that some place has banned it. It is a sad situation because people naturally remember shit like this but have no knowledge of excellent anime like Hanasaku Iroha, Honey and Clover, Mononoke, etc.

But anyway, Astarotte hates men and told Judit that she will only suck semen from a human which is scarce in that faraway land of hers. Little did she know that Judit will do whatever for her to have her harem. Lucky slut.

The toy referred to in the title is none other than the male protagonist in this show. His name is Naoya. Sounds like it belong to a pussy isn't it? He was called a toy because he should be the one providing Astarotte with the semen *insert roll eyes*. But of course, like most harem shit, he will pretend that he is not interested when a young healthy girl wants to give him a fucking blowjob.

To be honest, I'm getting sick of seeing Rie playing the same old kind of characters over and over again. In fact, her characters are getting on my nerves. Try something else Rie, why don't you. Do more Kagura. As for the other character, I like Judit a lot. She might be into S&M which is fine by me. She should be the main character. Then it would be funneh. Also, why don't they pick a guy to be Naoya's seiyuu. He already looks like a pussy, he doesn't have to sound like one too! *facepalm*

why Judit is great

Overall it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. The art and animation were average at best, something that we have come to expect from subpar anime. This has potential to piss me off in the future so maybe this could be the last time I'm watching this unless someone can convinced me otherwise.

art & animation 6/10
story 3/10
characters 5/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 5/10


"he will pretend that he is not interested when a young healthy girl wants to give him a fucking blowjob."

- Yeah, emphasis on "young." I wouldn't want a blowjob from Rie's character either...she's 13! I wouldn't even get aroused, because she's a child.

And anime about a child who needs some semen.....the world is going to end soon (of course, in feudal times, 13 was considered marrying age (which is why so many women died during child birth...their bodies were too young/vaginas couldn't take it)

What else was I going to say? Oh yeah!

I'm glad to see that we agree on the best character so far. Judit is by far the best. Even if the anime was decent, she'd still be the best.

I think that this COULD have the potential to not be completely bad if they do it the right way, but let's be honest, it's going to suck. I'm hoping that they at least kind of make it less about fanservice bullshit and focus more on comedic situations and retardedness not really related to the fact that a child is trying to be pressured into swallowing. The less they make light of that the better.

You should have given the story a 1/10.

I wish Rie didn't do this, although I do like her part. Reminds me of Nagi kind of. In fact, this whole show reminds me of a warped, completely fucked up version of Hayate, except that most of the characters suck, the plot is shit, the animation isn't quite as good, and the characters suck, and it isn't NEARLY as funny and the story is shit and the characters suck, and the comedy isn't NEARLY as funny.

Going to now continue the Rie quest indefinitely.

Also, I HIGHLY suggest watching Yondemasu, yo Azazel-san. It's right up your alley and it's probably without a doubt the best new show of the season. (it also had Rie in it, but very shortly/highly minor character). digiboy turned me onto it, and I'm fairly confident that you'd like it.

Meh, you are paying too much attention on the details. But like I was saying, such is the focus of this anime, making underage girl sucks the semen out of adult male. If the sexual crime goes up, I know who to blame >_>

I didn't like Rie's character BECAUSE it reminds me of Nagi. Lets just agree to disagree on that part, yeah?

As for Azazel-san, worry not. I have the episode ready, now I just need to find time to watch it. Orz

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