15 April 2011

First Impression: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

The only yaoi/BL show of the season (I'm not including Sex Pistol because it's an OVA) so naturally it was compulsory for me to watch it. The animation for this one definitely reminds me of Junjou Romantica, quite possibly the worst yaoi show I have ever watched.

Ritsu Onodera knew and acknowledge himself as gay even when he's in high school. In fact he was quite a stalker. This lifestyle of his lasted until he's an adult. From what little flashback that they show, he was quite a player.

He worked at his family's publishing house but when he heard his co-worker thought that he's using his connection, he quit to prove himself that he can be successful with his own effort. He was then assigned to the shoujo department and met the Editor-in-Chief who is quite an asshole (duh). He's good at what he do though so that's how he earns Ritsu's respect (and eventually his ass as well). And as I have expected, Takano is actually the same guy that Ritsu confessed his love at the start of the episode. Only in yaoi XD

The good thing about this show is, it doesn't feel rushed. Other yaoi (like Junjou), the protagonists can't seem to wait to get into each other buttholes. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi takes it time marinating that part until it's totally appropriate and/or reaches it peak. The kissing part was totally unexpected (on Ritsu's part that is) and it makes me chuckled because it didn't lace with fake feelings.

I got to say that I really enjoy Ritsu's monologue. I found it entertaining because most of the time, it turns out funneh. He's witty. Also, since they work in a shoujo department, I get to learn some the process of creating a successful manga (even though I don't read shoujo). At least I'm not totally clueless as why the pages sometimes so white and sparkly...

I'm not familiar with Takashi Kondo but since Ritsu sounds so sexy sometimes, I have no choice but acknowledge that he is good at what he does. The other seiyuus are quite a line-up (Katsuyuki Konishi makes Takano came to live) but their characters are yet to be introduced. It just something that makes me look forward to the next episode.

The OP is shit though and thankfully the ED kinda better (but not really). I'll skip both of them the next time I watch this show.

Enjoyable? Fuck yes if you love yaoi.

arts & animation 7/10
story 8/10
characters 9/10
sound 6/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


I think you are kinda harsh. Junjou was an excellent serie for yaoi lover. But you know, its your blog you can say what you want. Personnally, i've watched them both and the only thing i can say is that i prefer junjou romantica. This one is good too, made me laugh and nearly cry by the end, but still, i think the work in junjou was a lot better. I would still recommend that serie though.<> Really? I think we may not have seen the same thing....But thanks to you to have taken the time to make this blog ! :) Even if i disagree with some of your comment i think you did a great critic job on it :) Still waiting to see the second season to see if it is as good as i want it to be. Hope you have a nice day !

I should probably tell you which part of Junjou Romantica that I think is so full of shit. I truly can't stand Akihiko Usami and Misaki Takahashi. I think that they are pretentious and I just wish Misaki let Akihiko fuck him without making a big deal out of it every. single. time. It's not like doesn't want it. That bitch.

The other two pairings I have nothing but love for though :)

I get that it can be annoying sometimes, but when he overreact i find it kind of cute. Like, he knows he wants it, but still can't accept it. Though i find it quite humourous, i understand your point of view. :)

OH and btw, have you seen sekaiichi Hatsukoi episode 12.5 ? IT REALLY IS CUTE :D you should watch it. I'm sure you'll love what they did for the fans waiting for season 2 !

Is episode 12.5 about Misaki and Usami? If so... why do I have this feeling of dread? You said it's kinda cute but I have my own definition of cute which is why I dislike them both in the first place =|

No i was talking about sekaiichi... loll and it's about Chiaki and Tori... if you are a yaoi lover, i'm sure you will like it, even if we dont have the same opinion of what is cute, this episode was great. You should watch... or not, thats your decision. ;)

Oh I didn't know there's episode 12.5 for Sekaiichi. Thanks for pointing that out. I will (eventually) get to it XD

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