09 November 2010

Square Enix Bleach Play Arts Kai

If you are an avid for of Bleach like yours truly, you would notice how limited the figures are. Only few companies are making their scale figures: Megahouse, Toynami and Alpha Omega while Ben Presto and Bandai each have produced trading figures and candy toys respectively.

As a fan, I'm obviously disappointed.

But now Square Enix, who is known for Final Fantasy figures, has added three articulate action figures of Bleach for their Play Arts Kai collections! Thank you Square Enix for answering my prayer. Now all I need to do is trying to get my hands on these figures, or at least on Rukia =3

Each figures cost USD42.99. That's around MYR250 including postage from US. These figures made their naked debut (without paint) at the New York Toy Fair 2010 and is just released on October 27, 2010 last month. That's practically yesterday.

Aight enough dilly dally. Let's start out with the male protagonist, shall we? I don't really like the hair of Kurosaki Ichigo on this figure. It reminds me of durian and I'm not fond of that fruit. It's too spiky for my taste. I don't remember his hair looking this fugly in the manga. That's not the only reason why I don't like this figure. I don't recognized the face. It's like they get some dude wearing an orange wig and made him cosplay Ichigo. They could do a better pose on him too. This one is too plain for Ichigo. In conclusion, I don't think Square Enix managed to capture the essence of Ichigo which is kinda phail, imo. And sad because now I don't have a heart to buy him.

By the way, didn't the pose and design kinda remind you of something?

Next, let's talk about Kuchiki Rukia, the female protagonist of this series who is awesome as fuck. I don't fucking care if you disagree with me because this is my blog and I can fucking say what I want and considered it as fact.

Rukia got a much better treatment than Ichigo in her transition from manga to an action figure. Unlike Ichigo, Square Enix get her features right. She does look like Rukia. Maybe it's her trademark bang and her intense eyes but I love it. They even get her flat chest right. Sode no Shirayuki is obviously the most beautiful zanpaktou in Soul Society and I think Square Enix did a good job with it, with the ribbons and all.

What I don't like however is her outfit. Maybe it's a pre-requirement for an action figure but I think her shikakusho is too baggy at the bottom. It will just hinder her movements imo. The same goes to Ichigo's.

so gonna get!

Rukia comes with Kon, the plushie lion who always got bullied by the other characters. At least he is of some use in the movie.

Last but not least is the ever so popular (whether or not for the right reason is up for debate) tenth division captain, the chibi Hitsugaya Toshiro. Again, I'm not a fan of his hair although Square Enix pretty much get his overall design correctly. I think I'll put this one in KIV since I still have not have his figure in my Bleach collection.

If only they made a figure of Gin, Grimmjow and Ulquiorra...

My wish is for Max Factory to create figma for Bleach characters. I know I'll buy every single one of them even if it's Don Kanoji and Inoue.

Maybe I should write a threat letter to them?


Oh. My. Geez...
All three are your personal favorites! Hail to the Squeenix for pandering to your fantasies. ^0^

who ever said that Hitsugaya is my favorite? O_o

That is all.

Oh yeah. That. XD

You know what would be great? the following additional sets.

series 2: grimjow, ulquiorra, and orihime
series 3: aizen, gin, and halibel (manga not anime version)
series 4: chad, uryu, and neliel
series 5: renji, byakuya, and soi fon
series 5: kisuke, yammy, and yoruichi
series 5: Hollowfied Ichigo (the horned one from the ulquiorra ichigo fight), final ichigo, and final aizen.

those would be the best play arts figures ever.

whoops added "series 5" too many times lol but you get the idea

Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Gin. ME FUCKING WANT!! *faps*

I agree with the guy who had the series ideas. Square Enix, you better be listening!!! Those would sell incredibly well!!!

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