25 March 2010

Bleach: Chapter 397

I can understand why Ichigo so easily lost his cool. I would too knowing that you have been acting just according to your enemy's plan. I want to say that this is still a bit of far-fetched even for Aizen but if he said he knows Ichigo since the moment he met Rukia, then, that is what I call a fated meeting ^^

As usual, Aizen is just as calm and collected like he always is as he explained the impossibility of the entire situation to Ichigo, fueling him with rage. Ichigo will obviously attack him hoping that Aizen would at least stop with the words diarrhea. Aizen just smile that over-confident smile of his as he stops Ichigo's attack with ease. Still he continues to edge Ichigo on with more of his cunning words, making the young Kurosaki confused as ever.

Oops, wait a fucking minute. This fucking reminds me of Voldermort >_>

And holy fucking shit... just as Aizen was about to spill out the truth about Ichigo's conception, of his shinigami dad and (fill in the blank) mom, who else but his dad appeared in front of him, stopping Aizen from speaking any further.

I am seriously speechless atm. I need to process a whole lot of fuck.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


It's hard to take anything Aizen says seriously, hopefully Isshin will be able to provide some more juicy information next week.

Isshin's entrance was so highly anticipated, no way is he fodder for Aizen!

Just Urahara now and the puzzle will be complete.

Aizen always reads Bleach. That makes sense.

Aizen is Ichigo's no.1 fan. it all makes sense now lol.

Aizen does talk too much.

for the majority of this chapter i was pissed... because aizen was just saying things we already knew, and i wanted something to actually happen.

then his dad comes whom ive almost forgot about. PUMPED. Ichigo's dad is the man, and i cannot wait for next weeks chapter.

Aizen has always suffered from speech diarrhea so it was expected.

and I am still speechless about his dad coming in. I seriously dunno what to say to that =|

Apparently Aizen planned the Bounto and Lurichiyo arcs. He also planned Dondochakka and Pesche. And then he planned that arc about the zanpakutous I didn't watch. What an evil mastermind.

So it;s not Kubo's fault. It's Aizen's!

Aizen = Kubo Tite

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