04 March 2010

Gundam Unicorn Screening Ticket giveaway!‏

No, I won't be the one giving away the tickets.

It's LEon. He's the generous person that going to give away three tickets to the lucky winners.

I am not much of a Gundam fan. The only Gundam I've seen are Seed and Destiny so obviously I am not qualified for this. Believe me, if I know the answers to the three questions, I would have submitted my application. Also since I'm not Singaporean, there's not much I can do about it.

But for you guys who are interested to see the Gundom Unicorn Screening, take this chance. Who knows, today just might be your lucky day?

For details of the give away, check openthetoy.


Hey Thanks! It's seems like Seed and Destiny is really popular. If you have the chances give unicorn a try. This anime had only 6 espisode and it is from a popular gundam novel so you can say it is a tested formula. :)

thanks. I will. I actually have downloaded the first episode. This might be the motivation I need to start watching it

well i also have only watched seed and destiny with the addition of 00. i also watched G Gundam a long time ago. so some advice, you probably won't understand much. i believe it's a continuation of one the U.C. timeline instead of C.E. like seed. i still don't understand much, but you can kinda relate to it like newtypes would be like coordinators, but you'd probably have to spend a lot of time on wiki finding out stuff or watching the older series to understand the story completely.

You just killed any motivation that I have to watch the show. Luckily I have the older series so I'm gonna put this one on hold until I've seen them

I've never seen Gundam Unicorn...but I have his model if that counts for anything. ^^''

I would kill to be at a Unicorn screening, but unfortunately, I'm nowhere near Singapore... Unless killing people would let me traverse the globe.

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