17 February 2010

Bleach: Episode 258

So Renji and his two clowns join the K-town buddies. I am still bothered by the fact that the chimpette has a male voice but has boobs. Something just doesn't click. I have no problem with Snakey though.

Is Renji really that stupid? When he fight the three colored sword fiend, who btw is rather hot, mind you, especially with the spandex suit on err I mean to say that I can tell from the beginning that the sword fiend's weapon is kinda like boomerang and yet Renji is so stupid he didn't realize that shit and he gets raped by it.

The Spandex manages to convince Snakey of the awesomeness of being independent. I don't blame him. Chimpette is pretty cruel to him sometimes. I'm glad that in this matter, Renji used that small brain of his.

7 minutes in, I realized that this episode is dedicated to Renji and his zanpaktou. I yawned.

But then Snakey meets Karin. Anyway, anyone else thinks Karin looks like Keigo sister? Since Karin is the only one who can see him, she helps him out.

I like seeing the two of them (not) getting along though. It was refreshing instead of just straight out fighting day in and day out. I have said this countless time but I really do like interaction between characters when they are NOT fighting. I think it is essential for character development. And yes, I know I am talking shit because this is a filler. Character development is nullified in fillers.

I like the episode. It was mellowed compared to the recent one. A change of pace is good sometimes.

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I feel like Karin could in many ways make a more compelling protagonist than Ichigo. They should really make a spinoff show involving her.

her and tatsuki-chan. Throw Keigo in there somewhere. I would watch that XD

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