20 February 2010

Isshoni Sleeping

Let be honest. I dreaded this one. The memory of Isshoni Training still haunts me sometimes so don't asked me why do I torture myself watching this show. I don't have a valid answer to that.

Or maybe I do?

What if I said I'm an animetard? Does that make me less odd?

One way of the other, I don't give a fucking hoot. Let just see what this OVA has to offer for a skeptical like me.

This is Hinako the slut


(after 7 minutes of torture)

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!!! and it was supposed to be 45 minutes long?! just WHAT THE FUCK?!

Who are the targeted audience for this shit? ronery tard who actually really pretends that he/she is sleeping with the slut? Oh god...

No, because it's your job, you whore.

Story 1/10
Art 2/10
Character 1/10
Sound 2/10
enjoyment 1/10
overall 2/10


Being an animtard can be an excuse for literally anything. Suck at baseball? Animetard. Don't have a job? Animetard. Watching a shitty anime? Animetard.

It's a perfect comeback. You should write a post about it.

I haven't seen the training one (but I have to since it's on my shit-list) I'll watch them both now and get back to you.....how bad can they be?

Maybe I will write about Animetard but I'm lazy because I'm an animetard XD

and you tell me. You seems to have a liking for shitty anime

So... Is this hentai?

That's the problem! It's not!

Wtf, this is retarded. If it were at least hentai it would've been worth watching.

I know!! Jeebus what were they thinking >_<

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