20 August 2011

No. 6: Episode 7

I kinda have an idea that we are not being trolled like I thought we might for this episode, thanks to all the twitter spoilers that I have seen. It's definitely something that I look forward to but some people is dropping this show precisely because of 'that'. I wanna say that people should stop being so prejudice. It's not like the show showed us they are having sex, with balls touching as Nezumi rammed into Shion's behind (although I wouldn't mind if they do show it lol). These two humans have feelings of affection for each other so why can't they show it? It's okay for girls to be gay (yuri) but not guys? Come on now.

I'm gonna stop my preaching and lets us enjoy the episode.

Shion is obviously getting more comfortable at the West District as the days gone by. He's getting used to his job as the dog washers. As he gets busy with the dogs, Nezumi comes to offer a job for Dogkeeper. He refuses at first but when Nezumi starts threatening him about not helping him out when he is suffering from slow and painful death, Dogkeeper quickly changes his mind.

Urgh you made me fall in love over and over again ♥

Nezumi wants Dogkeeper to find information regarding the Correctional Facility in No. 6. He needs the new map and intel on the security. This obviously has something to do with Safu who is in their captivity. And because of that, he wants Shion to be kept in the dark regarding this matter.

Safu's existence in No. 6 has been erased. That's how easily No. 6 deals with those who opposed it. Karan almost get caught as a dissenter if Yoming doesn't stop her talking to an old trash. Apparently Yoming has been investigating No.6 but why do I feel like this is a trap? Anyhoo, it looks like No.6 too has find their golden egg. They are using Safu as a sample for their experiment and according to them, she's perfect. I bet this has something to do with that parasite bees.

Back in West District, Shion learns about Safu anyway when he finds her clothes at the clothes shop Rikiga brought him to. I am surprised that he recognized them. So Shion is going to help Safu without involving Nezumi who already has plan on saving his friend. This sucks and like Dogkeeper said, Nezumi should not risk his life for the likes of Safu. He even used all his money for that mission.

They are both being coy about the whole thing and act like usual, though not for Shion. I am surprised that he takes the first step. Yep, he freaking kisses Nezumi. This is what I am talking about in the opening of this post. The kiss is short but a lot more meaningful than a french kiss in my opinion. Small gesture like that conveys a deeper feelings of romance. I love it.

Shion's 'rape mode' is so ON!

Nezumi sees through Shion's lies though. He said it was a good night kiss but obviously that was a good bye kiss since Shion is determined to leave West District to save Safu. Thankfully Nezumi stops him and unexpectedly opens up to Shion. Four years ago when he was running from the authority, he was ready to give up on life but Shion who saved him makes him believe that there are other human who is willing to help other human. Shion makes who he is today and that makes Shion a precious person in his life. Noted that Nezumi still hasn't changed his mind about destroying No. 6. He is just rescuing a person who is dear to Shion because of his feelings/connection with that guy. I'm glad that he is still bat-shit crazy even though he seemingly has become a lot more softer since he met Shion.

awww declaration of love ♥

He is taking Shion somewhere for the next episode. From the looks of things, he's taking Shion to meet the higher up of the West District... who lives in a cave? Things are definitely going to be intense from here on with four episodes left of the show. I so look forward to that unlike with Ano Hana which I still have not completed because I'm dreading the last episode lol.

p/s: this gif image below belongs to chocolatesyrupywaffles

that little smirk makes all the difference ;)


What is the name of this anime? sorry lol i'm sorta a ditz and this just seems like such a cute yaoi thing! Teehee ok thank you <3

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