03 February 2010

Bleach: Episode 256

Heh, like I said in previous episode rant that we are going to have another filler arc coming our way. Well it's not totally unrelated but still I'm sure they will have different enemy (if any).

I actually look forward to this shit. Maybe because it gives us the chance to look at what shinigami do to mingle when there are no life-threatening situation at hand. It was funneh to see how they make such a big deal when Byakuya arrives at the scene. They treat him like a celebrity!

So in this episode Byakuya offered the shinigami to use his mansion for flower viewing before they were interrupted by two aliens who looks like they are from Dragon Ball


And I swear Sode no Shirayuki must have an affair with Senbonzakura!! It was just too obvious. Rukia was caught off guard though XD

heh, she must has thought that Sode no Shirayuki is a virgin :P

Apparently the zanpaktous have not return to being just mere sword just yet. And guess what happened next? (damn why am I sound so excited? lol) Byakuya and Rukia, together with their materialized zanpaktous went to visit Mayuri hoping that he could turn them back to normal.

Mayuri of course nonchalantly said that he will not take responsibility for that. Heh, he's selfishly awesome.

so win!

Anyway, those monster/alien were actually rampant zanpaktous, or as Mayuri called it, "sword fiends". When they materialized they are in constant bankai form so they are pretty much powerful. Uh oh, I smell a shitty plot brewing...

I should have know that the peace and quite time will not last long. Dammit.

But I like the comedy moments though. They are pretty funneh especially when Senbonzakura came up with an idea to blow the whole Seiretei so the Swords Fiend will comes out from its hiding place.

They ended up throwing a party (they used the 10th division) to lure the ruffian zanpaktou but to no avail. It was a stupid plan to begin with thanks to Senbonzakura and Sode no Shirayuki. To see the drunk Senbonzakura is priceless though. Hehe

*chuckles* how refine ^__^

Rukia and Sado no Shirayuki managed to found the Sword Fiend and they were pretty good at defending themselves but Rukia is not a seated officer so obviously her fight was full of flaw even with her zanpaktou materialized. After all she only has shikai while her opponent was on constant bankai. Rukia even took a cut for her zanpaktou.

In the end she still managed to capture the bastard. Yay? Not really. That's not the last of them >_>

I guess this episode was pretty much about Rukia bonding with her zanpaktou. I'm not complaining ^__^"

And holy shit, new ED song! Not a fan of the vid though

my fav characters in one shot. Would have been perfect with Grimmjow around too. Where is he anyway?

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


T.T I fell behind!!!! Got to catch up.

You didn't miss much. Believe me.

yeah. i agree. d sword fiends looks like dose guys from dragon ball z. quite familiar. sometimes tite kubo doesn't have originality though.

at least he didn't plagiarized anyshit

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