05 February 2010

Arsha and Peperogu

I got this as a Christmas present from LEon through his Christmas give away.

I believe they are from a game called Wonderboy IV and since I don't play games, I have limited knowledge on Arsha and her pet Peperogu.

Arsha came in pieces. I had to assemble her myself (with only her picture as guidance) and thank goodness it turned out well (I'm terrible at assembling stuff).

Arsha and Peperogu is part of the SEGA GALS collection 02. Asides from her there are Tyris Flare, Honey, RAcaseal, Hibana and Elwing. Arsha is the only loli in the group.

Arsha has no detachable parts or movable limbs apart from her head making her kinda stiff. Having said that, I really love the details on her though especially on her cloth and face. She really is cute and remind me of Aladdin for some reason. Maybe it's the pants?

So thanks LEon for the present. Since I don't normally celebrate Christmas, this is my first ever Christmas present and boy, do I like it!

size comparison

Note: I was busy during the day and only have time to snap these pictures at night. Since my camera kinda fuck flash and I left my speedlight somewhere that I couldn't remember, I had to use ISO 4000 with aperture f/4.5 so pardon the noise (only realized I should used f/2.8 after I uploaded these pics into my pc. I'm too lazy to retake the pictures ^_^")


You are most welcome my friend. I am glad you like it. The photo look good with the blurry background. Maybe I should review other sega gals in the series. :P

The angle on the second shot makes her look so distorted and fantastic. It's a really interesting picture.

pictures!! :D love the bokeh effect.

she is a cute little figure and her pet is very cool, reminds me of Haro from the Gundam series. got mine from LEon just in time for xmas, he is awesome!

got really confused about the cam specs there lol

You did a great job assemblying it! =) and I love the pics.

@LEon, I think you did review Tyris. I remember seeing her in your blog

@Yi, it wasn't intended but I am glad it turned out awesome.

@rockleelotus, if it's any help, I'm using 5D Mark II

@cag, wait till you see my puchis. Man, those tiny fuckers are all over the place!

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