05 February 2010

Bleach: Chapter 391

Well, well, well... whadda ya know... Komamura and Rose fall like what we have expected since the beginning. Then Lisa goes Vaizard on Aizen though the result is still the same.


I feel sorry for Ichigo having to witness the carnage. It will just blow his confidence away. I am not sure what the heck the captains are thinking, he should just let Ichigo go all out since the beginning. At least Ichigo would not be intimidated.

After Lisa was defeated with one hit, Soi Fon takes her place. At least she gets to exchange few words with the God. I gotta hand it to the bitch. Even when she knew she's going down, she is still annoyingly so full of confidence.

Eh wait, no wonder she's confidence. She and Toushiro has something up their sleeve. Oh man, the shock expression on Aizen's face is priceless although I'm sure he'll get his wits back in no time.

And he did regain his wits in matter of seconds. lol now I sympathized with the gotei team. I mean... they get their hope for a second only to get it crush the next second.

lol now he's really unbeatable. Well done Kubo!

Okay... so they did get Shunsui to injure Aizen. But c'mon, I do not believe, even for a second that they have begin to win this battle. Sure Aizen is pissed and all but he still has Gin *fangasm*

But yeah, I didn't expect these:

Good stuff. I was expecting another monotonous fighting between Aizen and the captains so I am really happy that it turns out otherwise. I mean, the gotei really step up their game, do they not?

But Aizen will surely wiggle his way out of this predicament either by
  • Gin helping him out
  • He do it alone and further disturb the mental health of Ichigo
Either way I hope Gin will be around in the next chapter. I got a feeling that he's going to do some face off with Toushiro.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Yeah, this chapter surprised me. I was thinking that Aizen would just keep mowing through the good guys without showing any signs of weakness. I'm sure Aizen will come back to troll the good guys though.

or perhaps Kubo will bring us back to HM

it's rather anticlimactic for Aizen to get stabbed all of a sudden after getting blown off as the godliest thing ever... awell, he's definitely gonna do something to rebound next chapter. I guess it's one of those chapters that has me a LITTLE interested in what will happen.

well, he was gang raped ^^"

This chapter was awesome!
It's nice to see the captains and Vaizards finally do something. I would've been bored to death if Aizen just destroys everyone as usual.
Love the teamwork too.

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