17 November 2009


I picked up another manga. I know... I totally need to be disciplined! -__-

Anyway, since di(e)ce is a josei, you can bet your shiny ass that all the bishies are freaking delectable. Which pretty much explained why I picked this up in the first place. I swear bishounen is my ultimate weakness!

Kazuki Naruse is the King of Setoukou school, and share the same face as Haruki Koutake who is the president of the student council. They are both highly popular. Although they share the same faces and even the same birthday (November 11) they are not related by blood. Kazuki Naruse is known as the King because he pretty much excel in gaming, and also the start of Setoukou basketball team. Haruki is the more reserved of them two and the pair's voice of reason, and is childhood friend of Kazuki. If anyone should know Kazuki inside out, it will be Haruki and vice versa. They has totally different personality.

There is this other dude named Sion Saiguji who is challenging Kazuki in everything he's good at. I am yet to learn what his motive is , whether he is an friend of Haruki/Kazuki or a foe. He seems useful for reducing Kazuki's body temperature though. He said he has to fulfill his duty of protecting Kazuki but I won't trust a guy with devious eyes like him

(In case you haven't notice, I is a fan of Haruki)

The story starts when on Kazuki and Haruki's birthday. they were both trapped in a game that will change their fate. The whole school was under a spell and started to kill each other. There are only six persons that affected by the mind controlling shit: Kazuki, Haruki, Yuki and Sion (the other two aren't introduced yet). And so the game of survival begins and Haruki and Kazuki friendship (I rather fond of the word relationship @_@) is put to a test (no fucking thanks to Sion!!). It fucking break my heart when Haruki left Kazuki.

This will be ongoing so watch this space.

Art 9/10
Story 9/10
Character 10/10
Enjoyment 9/10
Overall 9/10


Didn't even read it. Art looks so cool, that I'm adding my list.

Really awesome Samurai Sword? Fageeeettaabbotttttittt (I tried to do the Italian accent.

Now I'll go back and read to make sure I didn't just do something silly, and just get turned on by the glimpse of a samurai sword that was well drawn.


Looks to yaoi-ish. I cancel my previous statements. Now I must sleep, for tomorrow I race against the clock to start/finish a paper before 5 o'clock EST. If I don't put some kind of competition into school it's really quite boring.

lol didn't I said it was a josei? *facepalm*

anyway good luck on that paper!

I don't even know what josei means.


Just like seinen is targeted for male, josei is targeted for female readers.

I think it's time I read some I read some manga with a focus on men again. This looks awesome, swords and great art. Adding to my massive backlog.

Drawing look nice... but....glo.... look abit yaoi-ish..skip it~~~

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