07 February 2010

Switch OVA

It was only recently that I got hold of the second episode of Switch OVA although it was released in February 2009. The first episode was released in fall season year 2008. As a bonus, I also got my hands on the stage performance. I didn't know they made a theater out of it. Cool ^_^

Based on a manga by Naked Ape, this OVA is about the two cops from the Narcotic Control Department (or also known as the Matori): Etou Kai and Kurabayashi Hal. I won't go into details on how these two are. You can read that from my review on the manga. Although this story is not exactly like the manga, it still have the key theme which is, you guessed it, SWITCH.

In this OVA, the Matori wants to stop the drug dealer Asaya that sells illegal drug named Funny Angel (F.A). Hal was sent working undercover to investigate Asaya and the elusive Kotetsu. Meanwhile Kai was sent to investigate a botanical worker named Katagishi. There, he met with Kagura Akito who I think could be the trap of this story *chuckles evilly*

In the middle of the investigation, Hal got a called from someone unknown and asked him about the key to Switch. I already know who that is because I read the manga. Spoilers sucks sometimes. It kills the suspense. Only a little though because the ending is pretty neat.

I bet we are going to have the series soon once the manga is a bit far ahead. This OVA is a nice setup.

Gah I love how cool Hal is! @_@

I can see why one might mistaken this as shounen-ai. They were kinda implied that situation in this OVA which is ridiculous because it's fucking NOT!

No BL guys... NONE

Alright that was it for the story. As for the art, there is nothing really special about it. It definitely does not stand out from the rest of the anime. It was not bad, but quite average in quality. I can't say that I am fan of the character design either because Hal if not Kai, is definitely hotter in the manga. But kudoes nonetheless because they kinda got their characteristics right.

They made Hal looks like Kira's twin brother -__-

Kai is not a redhead >_>

The OP and ED are pretty rock on. However I don't find it appealing. It was appropriate for the theme of this OVA though, just not appropriate for my ears. The seiyuu casts are excellent though. We have Jun Fukuyama as Kai. Who? Well, he's Lelouch. Win? Yes. We also has Takahiro Sakurai as Hal. He's the same seiyuu who does Kururugi Suzaku and Kusuriuri. Hell yes? Hell yeah!! The most awesome however is Tomokazu Sugita as Kagura. I mean, he's my favorite male seiyuu (Gintoki!!) so having him doing a serious character is still made of fucking win. Sugita just plain roxx0r!

No, I did not forget to mention how awesome your seiyuu is, Kagura @_@

So basically I like what Switch OVA has to offer. It might be your typical police/mystery gag but it still provide with some good suspense moments, even for me, a manga reader of the series.

art 8/10
story 8/10
sound 7/10
character 9/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


The art is decent, but the manga had such a distinctive beautiful style, I wish they kept it for the anime as well.

I have to agree, Yi.

not really something I will watch, but still an interesting concept ;)

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