10 October 2009

Bleach: Episode 240

A little late with the episode this week. I was down with a flu and sore throat thus have no desire for anything else except lying on my bed and be one with it. And then, there was the accident too -__-

Apparently I'm still high on Fade to Black

I'm happy that we finally got to see Mayuri experimenting on the zanpaktous, happier still that he is using Oomida's zanpaktou for starter. I still wished we could see him checking up on Unohana but alas the studio thinks that is too censored for viewing and skipped that part. In all honesty, I was a bit pissed that Mayuri tolerated Oomida's bitching. He should dissected both in my opinion. No one talks to Mayuri like that and get away with it!

Nemu's drill is one that shall pierce through the heavens!

I lol'd when Nemu "tsked" after she missed drilling a hole on Oomida's sorry ass. He deserved every torture and more.

just because ^^

I am glad that instead of dealing with the bitches themselves, Matsumoto and Momo dumped them to the 4th Squad. Would have be better if they were send to the 12th though!

Err... I believe you can stop running when you want it, right? So I suspect Matsumoto was in horny mood when she crashed into Ichigo. She was feeling his butts too! On top of that she even hit Ichigo! *is on jealous raging mode*

Of course it wouldn't you bitch!

I can't believe Muramasa transported himself to where Ichigo is. Despite him saying that was intentional, I think it was rather stupid error judging on his physical condition. Bleeding from your eyes is a strong indication that you're not well, n00b! Anyway what was he doing to the hollow he killed? Did he eats them? I sure as hell saw him chewing something.

OMG! Ulquiorra reincarnate!

Thank goodness that he has the zanpaktous doing his bidding otherwise he's a goner. I squealed when Senbonzakura appeared to stop Zangetsu. When I saw him going bankai, I was like, "Holy fuck, Ichigo is fucking screwed" and lol'd at Momo's stupid attempt to stop the blades but of course that thought immediately disperse when I remember that the same zanpaktou was defeated by Ichigo in SS arc. Why would this be any different, right? *sigh*

Did I surprise you, faggot?

However Ichigo always have a plotkai. He pulled a move that I've never seen before (or forgotten) and then back to the usual Getsuga Tensho. Gay? Very. I was disappointed to find him on Vaizard mode with not a scratch on him after Senbonzakura used his Kageyoshi attack. Animation phailed? VERY.

shunpo FTW!

And then as if on cue, Byakuya returned and made us *squirt* and *squirm* just by his sheer awesomeness. I chuckled evilly when Ichigo confidently said sorry to Byakuya for kicking his zanpaktou ass. I knew that he is going to get one of the biggest shocks in his life. These imbeciles... *cackles*

ZOMG!! *dies*

I'm sure the old fuck Yamaji will have his pants in knot about this and issued an immediate arrest/execution. He's so fucking predictable. Even in movies... Heh, I am sure that Byakuya has a plan on his own how to defeat Muramasa *Green Day's Know Your Enemy is playing in the background*

I have something for anime men/boys wearing eye make-up (Ulquiorra... *drools*)


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