23 February 2012

DAFUQ?! Bleach live action movie? I ALREADY SAID NO, DIDN'T I?


I thought us fans have made it fucking clear that we don't want a live action movie of Bleach back in 2010. I still have the post right here! and yet what the fuck is this?

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Nothing changed. Warner is still the one who want to develop this movie and that freaking Segal still wants to produce (and now direct too) it. The story will be written by Dan Mazeau, the dude who wrote Wrath of the Titans.

I am not impressed at all.


But Klux what if it turns out to be good?


Hollywood sucks at adaptation any of Japanese animation. Do I need to remind you about Dragon Ball and Avatar?



Um avatar is not an anime lol.

And to be fair, Speed Racer was an excellent adaption of a previous series Mach Gogogo.

Its just the matter of finding the right writers directors and producers, just because something comes from Hollywood doesn't make it bad by definition.

What if they cast you as Rukia?

yeah I know avatar is not an anime, but still it's the closest thing to an anime that the America ever produced.

I just have a very bad feeling about this. They are most definitely going to cast Caucasian for the Ryoka and Shinigami and that isn't right at all. It will be just as bad as the Avatar and Dragon Ball.

Baka-Raptor, I can't be Rukia. I'm 4 inches too tall :P

about Dragon Ball, even Toriyama himself didn't know there was going to be a movie. If i'm not mistaken, his comment on the Hollywood's DB is that... he considers it as a movie of the same title with characters of the same name LOL

AHH!! NUOO~ I am tired of disappointment -_-

Hollywood has run out of ideas again lol.

Oh no.....I feel......I feel like this too, could be my fault. Just the other day, I was thinking, "What if Bleach was a live action movie done by Warner Brother?"

Okay that's a lie I would never think something as stupid as that. In fact, there are maybe 1 or 2 anime that I could see as being a live action movie and not getting totally fucked up. (I thought Cowboy Bebop would've worked with Keanu). This is terrible news as the reputation of anime will now be shunned even more in America. I will have to hide my anime addiction even more. FUCK this shit.. NOT a good past few days for Bleach.

Didn't I write a post about how Warner Brothers ruins every fucking anime ever? Yeah, I did.

This will be just as bad, but make a lot of money because it's Bleach. I feel bad for Bleach.

In this case however Vien, it looks like Kubo did give his permission.

As with all Hollywood shit, I'm sure there will eventually be "romance" in the movie that involves Ichigo and certain female character and that I guess what I feared the most because fuck it, I'll fucking RAGE!

I don't even want to think how freaking disappointed I'll be.

Glo, I feel bad for all the Bleach's fans around the world :(

Haha, I already know this is going to be bad. Dragonball movie bad.

*sigh* this is why I raged

I read somewhere that (somebody) is making another DragonBall adaptation with the screen writer for Gantz live action

i would love if it was funded by WB but with a full Japanese cast (b/c let's face it, only the Japanese can choreograph and execute awesome fight scenes)

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